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What is the perfect operating system?

I am a technologist, engineer and software designer that specializes in several IT fields like computer science. I would like to hear what you think should be the next big operating system. What makes it unique and what would you like to see on an operating system today. I have the chance to be making a new operating system but I need Ideas on how I should build it. Please send in all your great ideas before the time runs out. Thank you.


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  • Jan 8 2012: I think last operating systems that we had seen was focus on graphic parts a lot.it depends that you are macking it for what ? i think the operatingsystem on an office pc must be diffrent az we use on our home pc.it can be some diffrent versions for each group of people. we do not have any thing like it .i suggest that choose a group of people and make an operating system according to their need.

    which group of people need a private operating system?

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