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What is the perfect operating system?

I am a technologist, engineer and software designer that specializes in several IT fields like computer science. I would like to hear what you think should be the next big operating system. What makes it unique and what would you like to see on an operating system today. I have the chance to be making a new operating system but I need Ideas on how I should build it. Please send in all your great ideas before the time runs out. Thank you.

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    Jan 31 2012: Arthur C Clarke's (Stanley Kubrick's in 2001 Space Odyssey) HAL 9000 with a moral code.. :)

    More seriously, if you look at the time line of computer history, it's been mainly about size reduction and performance.
    I guess tomorrow's OS will be de-materialized, which brings us to the current challenge: voice recognition combined with improved AI.
    Our data starts being sent in the cloud, we have begun using voice recognition with SIRI, so the next big thing is an intelligent computer IMHO. But that's a long and winding road I guess because it implies that computers should master the very characteristics of human beings: emotions, humor, etc. And that's a scary thought, isn't it?
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    Jan 28 2012: The best operating system which ever existed and exist is the brain.
  • Jan 18 2012: the one which should be...
    1.very fast
    2.highly compatible.
    3.can be extended or updated very quickly and effectively..

    4 low cost.
    5.should consider the emotional aspects bio metrical systems,(retina basedetc...)
  • Jan 18 2012: I think the best system would be a computer without keyboard, and I would be able to connect any accessory, whitout adapters. And I wouldn't need to have everything of the same brand.
  • Jan 13 2012: UNIX - less arcane switches would make the commands more human comprehensible and would be a great start. OS X is one example and I do not mind not having a graphical interface to the terminal. All I want are more obviously understandable command switches and terms.
    • Jan 23 2012: OS X is not perfect because it doesn't give enough accessibility. It's a great system, and vastly preferable to Windows.

      Currently Linux is my favorite POSIX-compliant UNIX-like system. BSD is good too, and OS X is built on BSD.

      There are a few situations in which one needs a special system - e.g. certain robots and servo-motors are not easy to use with Linux. Linux is catching up and making itself available to almost every platform.
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    Jan 11 2012: More voice recognition and control. Less clicks to get where you want. Less RSI movements - typing and mouse clicks and moves. Maybe more kinnect type control - body moves.

    Cleaner desktops - maybe less icons or limited space for icons or smarter groupings of icons. E.g. hover over the lead icon to see the network of subordinate or related icons.

    Bigger text - its so damn small on an iphone and ipad
  • Jan 8 2012: I think last operating systems that we had seen was focus on graphic parts a depends that you are macking it for what ? i think the operatingsystem on an office pc must be diffrent az we use on our home can be some diffrent versions for each group of people. we do not have any thing like it .i suggest that choose a group of people and make an operating system according to their need.

    which group of people need a private operating system?
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    Jan 3 2012: It will be great if you can replaced mouse with eyes movement. Its like we can wear this mouse a goggle which can sense on what particular pixels eyes are concentrating at a particular moment, and double blink of eye lids shall incorporated with double click. This is just an idea, but with technological advancement, it shall not be a distant dream. An operating system which supports this, may completely revolutionize the user experience.
  • Jan 3 2012: The next big operating system will pass the Turing test every single time.