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Bad vs Evil

First part: What is the difference between bad and evil?

Second part: Are humans innately evil?

Bad seems to be a momentary lapse of judgment, the kind to which we are all prone.
Evil is a profound proclivity for destruction. There seems to be something organic about it that is singular and unique.

I don't believe that humans are innately good or evil, and that largely, not completely our morality is learned. Nazis beget nazis, saints beget saints for the most part. I am acutely sensitive to exceptions, however.
Even if all humans are self interested, that does not make them evil. Self preservation in its truest form is not ignoble.


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  • Jan 3 2012: I would highly recommend goggling "Kohlberg's stages of moral development" as well as reading How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer. One chapter gives some compelling evidence regarding the morality of humans. you also might be able to find a talk he has given online.
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      Jan 14 2012: I've read How We Decide, and really liked it. I'm going to have to reread it. :)
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      Jan 15 2012: I honestly do not think Kohlberg's stages of moral development are that profound (of course he is a great psychologist so I'm not saying he's not credible) what I am saying is that there are more profound moral theories than his....

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