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My City 2.0

My idea operates on the fundamental assumption that we will continue to do things that we want to do, which is the current way and always will be the way the world operates on some level, if you open your mind a bit, this is our way of living sustainably.

We talk about overpopulation, but only live on 1/3 of the surface area of the globe.
The city i envision will be on water, and will operate how society does now. However it will be fully sustainable. What ever we consume, no matter what the rate of consumption is, we can make use of the "waste." Right now, at my school im currently involved in a competition that does just this. However i do not see it as a competition, i see it as an opportunity to move forward with this idea. This is how my city will be powered.

Out of this process, fertilizer is obtainable from the all "waste", and that will be used to grow food. This is how my city will be fed.

Using the same digestion process to produce energy from waste, the gas will be used to convert into hydrogen gas to be used in fuel cells in cars/trucks. This is how my city will transport itself.

My city will not be limited to these options to move forward and will openly accept new ideas. In order to aid that process, the city will be build with an infrastructure such that it will be easier to change what is currently in place. People want to change fundamentally, why not base the way we live our lives and perceive the world around that?

This is what i want to work for in my life time. I want to find people who want do achieve this regardless if they might work or not. Because if someone believes it will work, then it will work. All it takes is people playing the part in the way they want to. I believe that i am that someone. I believe that we all can be that someone.


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  • Jan 3 2012: Yes money is what every engineer/scientist needs it's why I believe in a resource based economy. Just out of curiosity what projects? I am very interested in what you were mentioning before.
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      Jan 3 2012: Im currently involved with this http://www.hydrogencontest.org/

      and im also working with a local contact in RI to take a entire island off the gird (80,000 people) using a similar system im trying to develop with my group for the contest.(converting waste to biogas, to use to create hydrogen for a hydrogen fuel cell to power the university)

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