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How much wealth is required by a person in his/ her lifetime ?

In today's materialistic world there is a constant struggle to earn more and more. There is nothing wrong about it but then the question is what is the limit?

People create a life full of luxuries (of things that they want or may not want) and struggle harder to maintain this standard.

Finally the question comes down to the point to how much money a person actually needs to lead a decent life ?

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    Jan 2 2012: there is no such limit. there is a balance between earning and worktime. if you work more or harder, you will earn more money. everyone should balance the discomfort of labor with the high living standard it provides. as our economy progresses, the same amount of work leads to more money. (edit: in fact, not more money, but more stuff.) this means that with time, we work less hours and less hard, and we live on more and more luxurious level.

    this progression should not stop. there is no reason to give up progress at any time. tomorrow, we all will live in luxury that is unthinkable today. what is a dream today, will be luxury tomorrow, commonplace the day after, and later, necessity.

    i plan to buy my first spaceship in 2070. it will be large enough to serve as a home. i plan to orbit the titan most of the time. i'm a humble guy, i won't buy a fancy ship, just a normal, economic one.
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    Jan 2 2012: I also remembered a beautiful story in this reference. The story goes this way...... There is once a king and he is extremely happy with a person. He decides to reward him with land. The king tells the person he will get all the land that he would cover in a days time.

    The only condition is he tells that he should travel by foot and should start at sunrise and should return before sunset. The man agrees and sets out. .... He runs hard in view to cover as muc hland as possible. ... he runs and runs and its already noon has passed.... he is completely exhausted and at a point he decides there is very little time for him to return back...

    He sets on the return journey and being completely exhausted from the run ... he tries even hard and gasping for air and struggling he finally collapses ... and is dead...before he could reach the place where he had started...

    Is this the stories of our lives too where we keep on struggling to gain more and more and at a point collapse without valuing the things we have earned ?
  • Jan 2 2012: Of course one must first define wealth. You are speaking of material wealth. No one creates material wealth by themselves. It is always an interactive process of using what we did not create (raw materials) adding to that our life force, and the force of others plus time; none of which are our creation, and presto wealth (If we are favored by many other forces out of our control: war, disease, politics.. etc )
    A person only needs what they have come to expect beyond subsistance. If the pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of wealth, then I think I can say welcome to the world we live in. Selfish materialism probably brings more suffering to our planet than any other cause. Dividing mankind into the haves andhave nots. If you are in a room with another and you have one loaf of bread and one jar of water is it better to kill the other and live one more day, or share what's there and not live as long? Is one's life what is important? Or what survives between the two? Only together in the spiritual harmony of all things can man be truly wealthy.
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      Jan 6 2012: No Pierre, I havent watched... is it a English movie ?