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How much wealth is required by a person in his/ her lifetime ?

In today's materialistic world there is a constant struggle to earn more and more. There is nothing wrong about it but then the question is what is the limit?

People create a life full of luxuries (of things that they want or may not want) and struggle harder to maintain this standard.

Finally the question comes down to the point to how much money a person actually needs to lead a decent life ?


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  • Jan 2 2012: Of course one must first define wealth. You are speaking of material wealth. No one creates material wealth by themselves. It is always an interactive process of using what we did not create (raw materials) adding to that our life force, and the force of others plus time; none of which are our creation, and presto wealth (If we are favored by many other forces out of our control: war, disease, politics.. etc )
    A person only needs what they have come to expect beyond subsistance. If the pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of wealth, then I think I can say welcome to the world we live in. Selfish materialism probably brings more suffering to our planet than any other cause. Dividing mankind into the haves andhave nots. If you are in a room with another and you have one loaf of bread and one jar of water is it better to kill the other and live one more day, or share what's there and not live as long? Is one's life what is important? Or what survives between the two? Only together in the spiritual harmony of all things can man be truly wealthy.

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