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The death of Obesity will come through education.

Obesity is the fastest growing epidemic, effecting not just one or two places, but the vast majority, this is a preventable disease, basic knowledge is all that needs to be thought, how ever I would lie to see a certain level of knowledge be made mandatory for all peoples, especially new parents and students. I have worked as a coach and personal trainer and have come to find that, prescribing robotic like plans for diet and training do not work for most people, its fine to show someone how to do something and send them on there way with a plan and boxes to tick off each week, However you will find that people who come back year after year, and actually make changed to there life, and not just there's but friends and family, are people who acquire the knowledge of what they are doing, for once a human knows the reasons why they have to something and the direct consequences of said actions, the person becomes self inspired, this in turn leads to seeking out further knowledge and passing new findings onto colleague and friends, I believe that if we can educate people we will kill obesity.


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    Jan 3 2012: But I am a thin guy 181cm 62kg what shall I do?
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      Jan 6 2012: You need to follow a ''bulking'' diet tailored to someone with a fast metabolism that is tailored around your daily requirements.

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