Grant Robertson

Student Researcher and Developer, Washburn University

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Neuron Cell Body Structure, Synapse Placement, and Chemical Activity may Play a Significant Role in Nerve Signal Pulse Code Processing

I have been stewing for 40 years on a theory as to how neurons process the stream of incoming pulses, the patterns of which contain the information that our brains process. I believe the physical shape of the cell body, the locations where the axons and dendrites connect to the cell body, the locations of synapses, and inter/intra-cellular chemical activity which affect the reactivity of the cell wall all work together to perform stunningly complex, real-time "computation" or "signal processing" on the patterns of pulses. I believe that the traditional model of thinking of a neuron as a simple on-off switch has held back much progress in this field. I also believe that Dr. NirenBerg is the first scientist who "gets it" and may actually be able to make use of this hypothesis.

There is not room here to fully explain my hypothesis, but you can read about it here:

I know, it is more involved than many of the ideas posted here. But sometimes brain science is not simple enough to fit in a few sentences. Please take a look and tell me what you think.