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Religion or science?

Fairly enough this has been debated so manny times but i feel the need to bring this back up for a reason. I love logic and reasoning but both science and religion meet their end at obious points. To me religion is just a stroy to guide people in the right direction as science tries to find answers. Now im going to give credit to science and then a brief idea. Science maps out our existance Heres how. Dose it really make sence some one superior and all powerful created every single species in this world and the universe? That he created every species the way they are and they have not changed? I mean Religion dosent meet its solid facts at any point, If you think evolution is dumb and that thres no way it could of happened then your telling me all the spicies stayed the same for the past million years? Now for the idea what if god did create every thing and it evolutionized over time........ Dose this make more sence? i belive so but science has the upper hand. If you think im wrong or exagerationg post on comments about why with solid proof.


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    Jan 11 2012: Three weeks remaining for this provocative question you have asked. Can you give us a summary of responses so far? (Maybe something like: SCIENCE ONLY=38 votes/ RELIGION ONLY= 19 votes/ COMBINATION OF BOTH= 23 votes/ OTHER=2). Thanks for the energy.
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      Jan 11 2012: The stickler for details in me couldn't resist:

      Both: Albert, C Sarrin, Luis Javier, Mary, Joe, Adam, Peter, Grace, Mark, Nathan, Clark, Edward

      Neither: Julija (not sure really??)

      Science: GM, Kwang, Frans, Matthieu, Gerald

      Religion: ----

      Hmm. Very interesting. I threw myself with both. Like most reasonable, rational, thinking persons, you have to know that we don't know everything. Balance in life is essential. Science and religion can go hand in hand for all times. This is my humble opinion....it seems most would agree with me.Please escuse any mistakes in my quick data analisis.
    • Jan 14 2012: Sure! and here is my long awaited answer. I acttualy never meant the post to be one sided i wanted to see both sides and its more than obious that they both need each other and that both play important roles in todays society. From what we learn and do both come into play> They both explain fair points and amazeing discoveries its just incredible how mutch this has grown thank you all for your responces. As to all other comments thank you for your info on this. Nor science or religion win......They both stand strong And i beleive that what makes man thrive is the thirst for knowladge. We want to know more, we want to see more, we want to understand more thats what leads us ahead. Thank you once again :)

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