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Religion or science?

Fairly enough this has been debated so manny times but i feel the need to bring this back up for a reason. I love logic and reasoning but both science and religion meet their end at obious points. To me religion is just a stroy to guide people in the right direction as science tries to find answers. Now im going to give credit to science and then a brief idea. Science maps out our existance Heres how. Dose it really make sence some one superior and all powerful created every single species in this world and the universe? That he created every species the way they are and they have not changed? I mean Religion dosent meet its solid facts at any point, If you think evolution is dumb and that thres no way it could of happened then your telling me all the spicies stayed the same for the past million years? Now for the idea what if god did create every thing and it evolutionized over time........ Dose this make more sence? i belive so but science has the upper hand. If you think im wrong or exagerationg post on comments about why with solid proof.


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    Jan 2 2012: Reynaldo, science and the Bible are not in opposition to each other. It is certain religious fanatics that reject science.
    Even the Bible speaks scientific truths, read on:

    The earth’s waters undergo a cyclic motion called the water cycle. The oldest surviving non-Biblical references to this cycle are from the fourth century BC. However, Biblical statements predate that by hundreds of years. For example, in the 11th century B.C., King Solomon of Israel wrote: “All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full. To the place from which the rivers come, to there and from there they return again.”—Ecclesiastes 1:7, The Amplified Bible.

    Likewise, about 800 B.C.E. the prophet Amos, a humble shepherd and farmworker, wrote that God is “the One calling for the waters of the sea, that he may pour them out upon the surface of the earth.” (Amos 5:8) Without using complex, technical language, both Solomon and Amos accurately described the water cycle, each from a slightly different perspective.
    The Bible also speaks of God as “hanging the earth upon nothing,” or he “suspends earth in the void,” according to The New English Bible. (Job 26:7) In view of the knowledge available in 1600 B.C.E., roughly when those words were spoken, it would have taken a remarkable man to assert that a solid object can remain suspended in space without any physical support. As previously mentioned, Aristotle himself rejected the concept of a void, and he lived over 1,200 years later!
    Does it not strike you as amazing that the Bible makes such accurate statements—even in the face of the erroneous yet seemingly commonsense perceptions of the day? To thinking people, this is one more evidence of the Bible’s divine inspiration. We are wise, therefore, not to be easily swayed by any teaching or theory that contradicts God’s Word. As history has repeatedly shown, human philosophies, even those of towering intellects, come and go, whereas “the saying of Jehovah endures forever.” 1 Peter 1:25
    • Jan 3 2012: Thank you Mary for your reply I felt a little hit reading it but just know I do respect both sides and I wouldn't force or try to shove any of this down some ones throat I just want to see what people think about this and I'm happy to see the replays I hope you read every one else's ideas
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      Jan 3 2012: There's nothing amazingly accurate about these statements, there's modern interpretation, that's all.
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        Jan 3 2012: You my young friend are mistaken. that's all.

        Don't you think that is precisely the point of the information?...the fact that thousands of years ago people thought that the cycle of the water was within the earth itself. Until the 18th century that belief was prevalent. And yet, we can now in 2012 see that the writers of scripture were divinely inspired to write scientifically accurate information.
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        Jan 3 2012: Matthew, I'm sorry, I do not understand your comment.
        What is it that you are trying to ask or say to me?
        Could you be clear please?
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          Jan 4 2012: I mean that every vague passage that sounds like scientific knowledge is treated as such, but every passage that is clearly at odds with science is treated as metaphor.
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          Jan 4 2012: ah ah, a Jehovah Witness pointed out a word for me on his Bible. The world was said to be a disc, "or a sphere..." the old man added "the same word translates into disc or sphere. You see, they did have advanced knowledge at the time."
          Of course, the sentence was about grasshopers living in space over "our circular wolrd", so I had a good time asking explanations about the whole thing.

          As long as people think it'll save their souls, there is no limit to how much they're willing to embarrass themselves in simple conversations.
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      Jan 3 2012: Meager evidence you portray Mary.
      Salomon living about 3 centuries before the Bible was written down and being the one king that tried to learn from outsiders. There was a lot of knowledge around in the Middle East and originated for a large part from India. Jews learned a lot from the Babylonians and among it was writing. They incorporated much knowledge that was common allover place.
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        Jan 3 2012: Hi Frans,

        I wasn't trying to provide any kind of evidence. I was merely trying to point out some scientifically accurate information that the Bible provides. I have no issues with science. It is the way we learn about everything around us and come to a deep appreciation of the marvels of life.

        As for king Solomon, he reigned from 1037 to 998 B.C. The Bible contains the account of the Queen of Sheba visiting him to view the glory and riches of Solomon, since his fame had reached "all the people of the earth" according to the account in the book of 1 Kings 10:1-10.
        After the queen observed the splendor of the temple and of Solomon's house, the Bible records her saying: "You have surpassed in wisdom and prosperity the things heard to which I listened." Why did she say this? because, "his wisdom was vaster than the wisdom of all the Orientals and than all the wisdom of Egypt. And he was wiser than any other man, than Ethan the Ezrahite and Heman and Calcol and Darda the sons of Mahol; and his fame came to be in all the nations all around".
        Where does the Bible say he got his inspiration? "he would speak about the trees, from the cedar that is in Lebanon to the hyssop that is coming forth on the wall; and he would speak about the beasts and about the flying creatures and about the moving things and about the fishes. And they kept coming from all the peoples to hear Solomon's wisdom, even from all the kings of the earth who had heard of his wisdom" 1 Kings 4:30-34

        I would like to know what source you have proving your point. Where did you read that Solomon got his wisdom from people of the world?

        Also Frans, the oldest part of the Bible (Genesis through Deutoronomy) were completed already by 1473 B.C.
        some 336 years before Solomon began to rule as king.

        If you have information to back up your statements I will be more than glad to read them.

        Thanks for your reply, Mary
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          Jan 4 2012: Mary, in my opinion the Bible isn't a good reference for history the same way as schoolbooks in North Korea today aren’t a good source to get an accurate picture of our current world. What can be said is that Salomon established a vast state with aid of many people’s from around that brought skills and knowledge to build his temple. He made many contacts abroad and overseas. He was eager for knowledge in as far that he even started to appreciate foreign cultures and honored their Gods. The legendary queen of Sheba is symbolic for the riches and wealth of the time. She certainly gave him a compliment.

          Stories from Genesis where widespread over the place and heard by all nomadic peoples. The origins are unknown but Sumerians started to write them down after they developed writing. Among other sources a part of it was found at Ebla dating back more than 2000 B.C.

          I saw the book of Biblical tables on the net and maybe that’s your source?
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        Jan 4 2012: Thank you for your input. I'll look up the wikipedia article. As for my source, I have an interlinear bible original language to english...plus many other versions. I have been studying now for over 20 years. I cannot find it in me to put down anybody else's point of view when they site factual information that I can verify.

        "The Bible isn't a good reference"....your opinion. Yes, I agree, your opinion.

        But, whether it is a good reference or not, how can we deny it's existence, and the fact it is still around after so many people have tried to eliminate it throughout the ages? I find that like most other biases, when people speak in general terms and then back off when given proof, or even have comments wiped off the face of the internet, hmm it makes me wonder why such attitude towards something so insignificant and such a terrible reference. If it is such a bad reference, and so very ridiculous, why not leave comments which use it and let everyone laugh at it.

        The last link you provided I have never visited...
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          Jan 5 2012: Thank you for your thoughts, Mary.
          The Bible is a good reference for entering the minds of people once lived but not for history.
          The, Veda's ans Bhagavad Ghita I can recommand as well.

          As Karen Armstrong said she started to appreciate Christianity as she started to learn about Islam so it was the same for me as I started to dive into the remnants of Mythology from Germanic and Nors origins. Maybe you have to step out first to have a good look at it.
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      Jan 7 2012: Mary, not sure the bible comments on Solomon regarding knowledge indicate the ancient jews were more knowledgeable or advanced scientifically or technically than other peoples at the same time - Chinese, Mayans or even their neighbours.

      A few examples that may be interpreted as corresponding to modern scientific understanding are not that convincing, especially when there is so much that conflicts with modern science starting with all the miracles, adam and eve, creation. Not sure how literally you take the modern bible. It varies between different Christians - but overall the different parts look to be consistently a product of their times (and place) whether from a scientific or a social view point.
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      Jan 9 2012: At the risk of seeming pedantic, I thought our understanding of the water cycle didn't rely on a god calling the waters. Interesting how you interpret this as evidence that the subject, authors, or editors had a surprising modern view on the water cycle. I read it as involving a god.

      Pity the bible doesn't reflect modern human rights more. No slavery. Equal rights for women. No death penalty. No race or people being gods particular favourites for a few thousand years. Then it would have seemed something more than a product of its times.

      Does it really make sense that the creator of life, the universe, and everything would attach itself to a desert dwelling tribe. Just seems like another tribal religion, but one that evolved and found a wider market, and then got a little help from the Roman emperor. Amazing it all came down to Abraham. And then Moses. And then ....

      Honestly, taking a step back, when I read the bible, it just seems so obviously a schizophrenic collection startling with the mythology of an ancient people, with their god helping them win wars and the story of a later offshoot sect with very different views and less exclusive.

      When you compare it to other religions and their texts, they all look quiet similar and man made. I guess a lot of religious followers think all the others are man made or devil inspired. I just go one more than them.

      Hope religious believers can see that for non believers all religions, including the dead ones, and their texts look man made. Can you comprehend how many different and contradictory religious belief systems there are and have been. Even Christianity in a mass of variations that you would expect from a man made socio-political construct influenced by powerful personalities, not to mention the derivatives such as Mormonism, JW etc.

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