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Religion or science?

Fairly enough this has been debated so manny times but i feel the need to bring this back up for a reason. I love logic and reasoning but both science and religion meet their end at obious points. To me religion is just a stroy to guide people in the right direction as science tries to find answers. Now im going to give credit to science and then a brief idea. Science maps out our existance Heres how. Dose it really make sence some one superior and all powerful created every single species in this world and the universe? That he created every species the way they are and they have not changed? I mean Religion dosent meet its solid facts at any point, If you think evolution is dumb and that thres no way it could of happened then your telling me all the spicies stayed the same for the past million years? Now for the idea what if god did create every thing and it evolutionized over time........ Dose this make more sence? i belive so but science has the upper hand. If you think im wrong or exagerationg post on comments about why with solid proof.


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    Jan 2 2012: I personally think it's a combination of both. The universe started with a Big bang caused by the collapse of a singularity...what came before the singularity? This is where, I believe, God comes in. But here's another theory. Right now the universe is expanding, but the galaxies are slowing down. Eventually they will stop and gravity will pull everything closer. The pull would become stronger and stronger as the other galaxies moved closer to the source of gravity, eventually resulting in the collision of everything. Gravity would push everything together, tighter and tighter until it is the size of a singularity. Then the singularity gets so small it ruptures and releases a massive amount of energy. Gasses from the past universe are released causing the creation of stars and planets known as a universe. Is that what happened to our universe and the past. But eventually we get to the beginning only to find that this singularity has come from nowhere, the only explanation is God.
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      Jan 8 2012: Agree with you !
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      Jan 9 2012: And where did this god come from? Your proposal just pushes the limits of our understanding back to something even harder to explain and with no straight forward evidence of it's existence.

      It's a bit like saying we understand gravity up to a point but not how it works in detail so there must be invisible undetectable conscious beings pulling matter towards other matter.

      Actually you don't describe this god thing. Is it a conscious being or a label for some natural but yet to be explained unconscious natural process?

      For those who believe in a creator being, I really don't get how people can't see explaining what you struggle to understand with something even more inexplicable and complex doesn't make much sense. I understand how 2000 years ago or even 200 years ago in relative ignorance and extensive religious instruction in limited belief systems, but with everything we know now why do people jump to some conscious being or creator rather than natural processes? Everything seems to work okay these days without any supernatural help. Why was supernatural help need to get things started?

      I acknowledge there could be god, gods, creator beings of infinite variety. There could be 20 watching me type this. There just isn't any evidence for them. Pure speculation.

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