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How will you improve your life in 2012?

How are you intending to change yourself in 2012?
What are your resolutions?

  • Jan 2 2012: I am trying to listen more and react less. I am also trying to ignore the unneeded negatives and support the positive.
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      Jan 4 2012: Hi Emma,
      You remind me of one of my favorite songs, when things may not be going as I prefer.

      • Jan 8 2012: That is the first time I've heard that song, but I like it. Thank you.
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          Jan 8 2012: Hi Emma,
          Glad you like the song, which I embraced years ago when moving forward in my life after a near fatal head/brain injury. At first, I could not walk or talk, and every little step was important to me...accentuate the positive...eliminate the negative. I reminded myself with every step, that it was one more step than I took the day before. I sang this song with as much joy as I could feel at any given time, and it became my mantra.

          So, the topic question is:
          "How will you improve your life in 2012? How are you intending to change yourself in 2012?
          What are your resolutions?"

          For me, every moment of life is an on-going practice of accentuating the positive...eliminating the negative. I'm wondering if "intending to change" at a certain time of the year may be setting ourselves up for failure? Would it be easier and more joyful to ALWAYS accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative? I find it to be so:>)
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    Jan 4 2012: My motto: work hard, have fun , be myself.
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      Jan 4 2012: May god bless you 亲!!
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        Jan 5 2012: At the instant of seeing the word 亲, my eyes went blind iinevitably。。。
        • Jan 5 2012: Haha, do you mean 瞬间亮瞎了?亲,I have to say i like this Taobao style word.
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          Jan 5 2012: 在这里遇见同胞了啊!!!
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        Jan 7 2012: 是哒~~好激动的啊,亲这个字真是瞬间秒杀我啊~(≧▽≦)/~
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          Jan 7 2012: 嗷嗷嗷,开始我看到有TED的视频,然后进网站想学习英语,有机会和外国人交流交流的,太巧了,遇见“老乡了”,亲,能交个朋友么~英语水平不行,全用中文和你说啊!
    • Jan 4 2012: Work hard, have fun, be myself?... Ditto!

      I would also like to enhance my understanding of fields other than mine, joining the TED community was my first step towards that goal.
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    Jan 5 2012: Actually I`ve depressed for a few weeks but my decision for 2012 .............
    I`ll be stopped by nothing !
    everything worth to fighting for once !
    I`m hopeful !
  • Jan 3 2012: All this trying and intending to things.. My resolutions are the same as always, I'm going to learn more each and every day. I'm planning on feeling better each and every day. I'll be more flexible each and every day. I want to help and be able to help more and more people each day.

    And it's not like I'm only going to try or intend. These things allow failure. And I don't. I allow mistakes, I embrace them so that I never have to make them again. But I will also make sure that everything I do gets right in the end. In which right is ofcourse a subjective thing, but still.
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      Jan 4 2012: Dear Tommy,
      I know "right" is a subjective thing....but still.....I think/feel you are ABSOLUTEY RIGHT!!!
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    Jan 7 2012: Stay strong,be myself and never give up hope! :)
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    Jan 5 2012: I do no intend to change myself in 2012 rather be the real me more often.

    resolution is to keep happy and healthy.
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    Jan 4 2012: Focusing on making life easier for those around me
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    Jan 4 2012: How will I improve my life in 2012?

    The usual...open mind...open heart...aware/mindful in each and every moment...exploring the life adventure with unconditional love and the curiosity of a child:>)
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    Jan 4 2012: I'll improve my life helping other people to improve theirs. It reflects immediately back.
    I'll also need to sleep more eheh.
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    Jan 3 2012: I've got so much stuff to do, I don't know where to start.
    I would like to get deep into my religion, find its origins and believe more..
    I would like to enhance my communication skills, public speaking and fluency.
    I would like to increase my dynamics through reading and reading and reading. Read all kinds of stuff, so that I will be exposed to almost anything, and not limit myself to some genres.
    There are so much more, but Im going to start by achieving those...
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      Jan 4 2012: Hi Rami,
      You've already started to enhance communication skills, expose yourself to almost anything, and not limit yourself, right here on TED:>)
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    Jan 3 2012: I am going to try and be more focused on my goals in life. One target is my Russian and Ukrainian studies. My other is to meet my new larger work load of students and still give them the same if not better results than my previous year.
  • Jan 3 2012: To become a professional leader in the school I'm currently working at; to be of service to my students, to challenge and question them and help guide them along their true path :D

    How about you?
  • Jan 10 2012: Just live it day by day..
  • Jan 5 2012: 真爱,喜悦,和平。True love, jouyfulness, peace. The book I am reading inspires me the pursuits of life. But these are too big items. In the unfolding year, I am going to deal with my inclination to be envious of others. I am going to nurture my self-confidence. Also, I am going to train myself to love and help others without expecting return. I think this will gradually become my personality.
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      Jan 5 2012: I'd like to read something similar.
      What book are you reading ?
      • Jan 6 2012: 《遇见未知的自己》It is written by a Chinese female writer. Sorry that I don't know the English title of this book.
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    Jan 5 2012: My 1st motto is to improve my communication skill to get a good job in my specific area.
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    Jan 4 2012: I've done the Chris Brogan 3 words thing this year http://www.chrisbrogan.com/3words2012/ which aligns with the continuing Year of TED that I started in November.

    Mine are Do. Share. Inspire. which are explained in more detail in this post http://www.kyliedunn.com/2012/01/day-63-my-3-words-for-2012.html

    Ultimately I want to take action; share my knowledge, experience and time with others; and hopefully inspire other people along the way. Incorporating the wisdom and knowledge from TED talks is a really significant part of this for me.