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For 2012, what is ONE Idea Worth Sharing with everyone in world?

...for better future, world, planet...

This can be a nugget of life wisdom, idea, TED Talk, quote, etc

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    Jan 1 2012: This is one of my resolutions for 2012 based on my experiences from last year, Don't question whether the glass is half full or half empty, question whats filling it
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    Jan 1 2012: Be kind to the person(s) next to you, every day.

    Hopefully this will foster kindness in them, and they may reach out - spreading it among others, who will keep it growing every day after. Keep up hope that it will grow back to you.
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    Jan 3 2012: In dealing with people, always assume good intent.
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    Jan 2 2012: For youth to be heard and innovatively included in the decisions that will impact the world in which they will live.
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    Jan 2 2012: Once I understood me and accepted my place in the scheme of things it became easier to see the world around me. I stopped the ego trip and being a part of the problem and became a functioning member of the solution.

    Therefore: Get to know who you are and accept it.
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    Jan 1 2012: .

    "To attain knowledge, add things every day.
    To attain wisdom, subtract things every day."

    -- Lao Tze, philosopher, born 604 BC
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    Jan 1 2012: Explore the life adventure with the curiosity and unconditional love of a child. That is where we will discover peace and contentment for our "self" and all of humanity.
    • Jan 2 2012: I couldn't agree with you more. I think children have taught me more than I ever learned in school about being a good person.
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        Jan 7 2012: I have also learned a great deal from children Emma. They are open, honest, trusting, curious and unconditionally loving when they are born. Life experiences often cause them to build masks and protective mechanisms, which protect from being hurt, and also "protect" from experiencing life to the fullest. There are too many wounded people in our world. We need to nurture children....we need to nurture each other. As Kat insightfully says, young people need to be heard and included in the decision making processes in the world we all share.
  • Jan 2 2012: Long term gratification is worth the wait. Like raising a child. When they are young and you give them good attention and teach them values (reminding them over and over). When they get older you will have a best friend you can rely on and have someone who understands you that you want to make proud as well.
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    Jan 2 2012: "Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:" (Isaiah chapter 55, verse 6- Holy Bible, King James Version)
  • Jan 4 2012: It would have to be "rock out". And I mean it like it's stated by the poet Anis Mojgani - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQi8W1afSEQ. Worth a listen if you're not familiar with this work!
  • Jan 2 2012: Love one another as the Master loved people in his superb modeling of living. This is the only commandment he left with the Apostles and other believers.

    So, for all of us to get along well, we must learn what divinity intends for us. Jesus taught us what divinity intends. He is not owned by any religion, but his teachings are worthy for all to study and to compare with all other teachings of great prophets. As I see him, he is a lot more than a prophet.

    So, why and for what purposes did he teach us to love one another as he did? This would be another TED question.
  • Jan 2 2012: We are all in this together, like it or not.
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    Jan 1 2012: Civilization will begin the day that concern for welfare of newborns prevail over any other consideration. Wilhelm Reich.
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    Jan 1 2012: The rule of the ONE. Just what I call logical coaching :)