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My New Years Resolution is there will be a vote in the United Nations by 9/21/12 to unanimously ratify a global truce. I need your help!

Please see my blog of my efforts to help inspire a global Truce by clicking on this link. I did this as a result of all the great ideas I learned by watching TED. I pray that the TED Community will all do what they can in every way to help humanity submit the petition for a global truce into the United nations for them to vote on it and hopefully unanimously pass it. We must end war before it ends us all. Lets go for a global truce and create a future without war. We have to find other solutions to our problem other than killing each other and every living thing on Earth if we get ourselves into World War III.


Lets Honor the Leaders and Countries that are the most Peaceful and learn from them. We can start many educational programs for world leaders to help them get along better and to stop commanding war.

Please read my Appeal To the TED Community for help by creating a TED Global Truce: http://www.internationalpeaceandconflict.org/profiles/blogs/going-for-a-global-truce-appeal-to-the-ted-community-for-help


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    Jan 1 2012: Hi Michelle, I commend you for your wonderful goal and passion for this cause.

    I wish I could give you an answer on how the world can obtain a global truce but I can't. Governments have been "attempting" to reach a truce for thousands of years without any results. If such a truce is to be reached, I think it must start from outside of government and be a global, grass roots movement. So I think you have the right idea with your post. Once this movement is achieved, then I believe governments will begin to listen. Keep your passion alive and have solace in knowing that you are not the only one who dreams of such a day when war and violence is a thing of the past. Keep up your work!

    Also, If you don't mind me providing constructive criticism...If you have the capabilities, I think the Peace and Collaborative Development Network website really needs some redesigning. The website is not very user friendly and a little bit convoluted. I think if the website can be redesigned (if the finances or resources are available) it would really help the cause.

    All my best,

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      Jan 2 2012: Dear Andrew, thanks for writing. Would you suggest your ideas for the redevelopment of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network with Craig Zelizer who founded it. He requests input and suggestions. If the comments are about my blogs in particular you can tell them to me. I know my blogs are not perfect but I am trying to get the message across. Anything that you can do to help strengthen PCDN may help strengthen peace so please do all that you can!

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