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My New Years Resolution is there will be a vote in the United Nations by 9/21/12 to unanimously ratify a global truce. I need your help!

Please see my blog of my efforts to help inspire a global Truce by clicking on this link. I did this as a result of all the great ideas I learned by watching TED. I pray that the TED Community will all do what they can in every way to help humanity submit the petition for a global truce into the United nations for them to vote on it and hopefully unanimously pass it. We must end war before it ends us all. Lets go for a global truce and create a future without war. We have to find other solutions to our problem other than killing each other and every living thing on Earth if we get ourselves into World War III.


Lets Honor the Leaders and Countries that are the most Peaceful and learn from them. We can start many educational programs for world leaders to help them get along better and to stop commanding war.

Please read my Appeal To the TED Community for help by creating a TED Global Truce: http://www.internationalpeaceandconflict.org/profiles/blogs/going-for-a-global-truce-appeal-to-the-ted-community-for-help

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    Jan 1 2012: Hi Michelle, I commend you for your wonderful goal and passion for this cause.

    I wish I could give you an answer on how the world can obtain a global truce but I can't. Governments have been "attempting" to reach a truce for thousands of years without any results. If such a truce is to be reached, I think it must start from outside of government and be a global, grass roots movement. So I think you have the right idea with your post. Once this movement is achieved, then I believe governments will begin to listen. Keep your passion alive and have solace in knowing that you are not the only one who dreams of such a day when war and violence is a thing of the past. Keep up your work!

    Also, If you don't mind me providing constructive criticism...If you have the capabilities, I think the Peace and Collaborative Development Network website really needs some redesigning. The website is not very user friendly and a little bit convoluted. I think if the website can be redesigned (if the finances or resources are available) it would really help the cause.

    All my best,

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      Jan 2 2012: Dear Andrew, thanks for writing. Would you suggest your ideas for the redevelopment of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network with Craig Zelizer who founded it. He requests input and suggestions. If the comments are about my blogs in particular you can tell them to me. I know my blogs are not perfect but I am trying to get the message across. Anything that you can do to help strengthen PCDN may help strengthen peace so please do all that you can!
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    Jan 1 2012: Can a smart Tedster establish a Global Peace Index Improvement Consultation and Counselling Service to provide a 1:1counseling to world leaders as to how they can improve the peacefulness of their country? Looking at all aspects of how the score was derived the leader then can make an improvement plan. I got this idea from the Ted Talk by Carne Ross called an independent diplomat. I think most people believed that politics is not our area of expertise and we leave it up to the experts to decide these matters but they may be making very fatal mistakes and we all have to help steer humanity in the right direction or we will pay the consequences. We must make time to think about this no matter what our field of expertise is or how young or how old we are we can have a positive impact on this. See:
    Once we analyze what is going on we can make a plan of action. I have hundreds of them listed if anyone takes the time to read them then to help make them a reality we may end all war or at least greatly reduce it. Michelle
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    Jan 1 2012: Table 2 (continued over page)Page 9
    Global Peace Index Rank Country Score
    81 Gabon 2.059
    82 United States of America 2.063
    83 Bangladesh 2.070
    84 Serbia 2.071
    85 Peru 2.077
    86 Cameroon 2.104
    87 Angola 2.109
    88 Guyana 2.112
    89 Montenegro 2.113
    90 Ecuador 2.116
    91 Dominican Republic 2.125
    92 Guinea 2.126
    93 Kazakhstan 2.137
    94 Papua New Guinea 2.139
    95 Nepal 2.152
    96 Liberia 2.159
    96 Uganda 2.159
    98 Congo (Brazzaville) 2.165
    99 Rwanda 2.185
    100 Mali 2.188
    101 Saudi Arabia 2.192
    102 El Salvador 2.215
    103 Tajikistan 2.225
    104 Eritrea 2.227
    105 Madagascar 2.239
    106 Jamaica 2.244
    107 Thailand 2.247
    108 Turkmenistan 2.248
    109 Armenia 2.260
    109 Uzbekistan 2.260
    111 Kenya 2.276
    112 Belarus 2.283
    113 Haiti 2.288
    114 Kyrgyz Republic 2.296
    115 Cambodia 2.301
    116 Syria 2.322
    117 Honduras 2.327
    118 South Africa 2.353
    119 Iran 2.356
    119 Niger 2.356
    121 Mexico 2.362
    122 Azerbaijan 2.379
    Rank Country Score
    123 Bahrain 2.398
    124 Venezuela 2.403
    125 Guatemala 2.405
    126 Sri Lanka 2.407
    127 Turkey 2.411
    128 Cote d’ Ivoire 2.417
    129 Algeria 2.423
    130 Mauritania 2.425
    131 Ethiopia 2.468
    132 Burundi 2.532
    133 Myanmar 2.538
    134 Georgia 2.558
    135 India 2.570
    136 Philippines 2.574
    137 Lebanon 2.597
    138 Yemen 2.670
    139 Colombia 2.700
    140 Zimbabwe 2.722
    141 Chad 2.740
    142 Nigeria 2.743
    143 Libya 2.816
    144 Central African Republic 2.869
    145 Israel 2.901
    146 Pakistan 2.905
    147 Russia 2.966
    148 Democratic Republic of Congo 3.016
    149 North Korea 3.092
    150 Afghanistan 3.212
    151 Sudan 3.223
    152 Iraq 3.296
    153 Somalia 3.379

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    Jan 1 2012: *********************************************************************************************************************************************
    All The Countries 2011GPI (Global Peace Index) Score:
    Rank Country Score
    1 Iceland 1.148
    2 New Zealand 1.279
    3 Japan 1.287
    4 Denmark 1.289
    5 Czech Republic 1.320
    6 Austria 1.337
    7 Finland 1.352
    8 Canada 1.355
    9 Norway 1.356
    10 Slovenia 1.358
    11 Ireland 1.370
    12 Qatar 1.398
    13 Sweden 1.401
    14 Belgium 1.413
    15 Germany 1.416
    16 Switzerland 1.421
    17 Portugal 1.453
    18 Australia 1.455
    19 Malaysia 1.467
    20 Hungary 1.495
    21 Uruguay 1.521
    22 Poland 1.545
    23 Slovakia 1.576
    24 Singapore 1.585
    25 Netherlands 1.628
    26 United Kingdom 1.631
    27 Taiwan 1.638
    28 Spain 1.641
    29 Kuwait 1.667
    30 Vietnam 1.670
    31 Costa Rica 1.681
    32 Laos 1.687
    33 United Arab Emirates 1.690
    34 Bhutan 1.693
    35 Botswana 1.695
    36 France 1.697
    37 Croatia 1.699
    38 Chile 1.710
    39 Malawi 1.740
    40 Romania 1.742
    Rank Country Score
    41 Oman 1.743
    42 Ghana 1.752
    43 Lithuania 1.760
    44 Tunisia 1.765
    45 Italy 1.775
    46 Latvia 1.793
    47 Estonia 1.798
    48 Mozambique 1.809
    49 Panama 1.812
    50 South Korea 1.829
    51 Burkina Faso 1.832
    52 Zambia 1.833
    53 Bulgaria 1.845
    54 Namibia 1.850
    55 Argentina 1.852
    56 Tanzania 1.858
    57 Mongolia 1.880
    58 Morocco 1.887
    59 Moldova 1.892
    60 Bosnia and Hercegovina 1.893
    61 Sierra Leone 1.904
    62 The Gambia 1.910
    63 Albania 1.912
    64 Jordan 1.918
    65 Greece 1.947
    66 Paraguay 1.954
    67 Cuba 1.964
    68 Indonesia 1.979
    69 Ukraine 1.995
    69 Swaziland 1.995
    71 Cyprus 2.013
    72 Nicaragua 2.021
    73 Egypt 2.023
    74 Brazil 2.040
    75 Equatorial Guinea 2.041
    76 Bolivia 2.045
    77 Senegal 2.047
    78 Macedonia 2.048
    79 Trinidad and Tobago 2.051
    80 China 2.054
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    Jan 1 2012: HONORING:
    The Top 10 Countries Most Peaceful on The Global Peace Index
    And Their Leaders
    Rank Country Score Leaders *
    1 Iceland 1.148 Pres: Olafur GRIMSSON, Prime Min: Johanna SIGURDARDOTTIR
    2 New Zealand 1.279 Gov Gen: Jeremiah MATEPAREA, Prime Min: John Phillip KEY
    3 Japan 1.287 Emperor: AKHIHITO, Prime Min: Yoshihiko NODA
    4 Denmark 1.289 Queen: MARGRETHE II, Prime Min: Helle THORNING-SCHMIDT
    5 Czech Republic 1.320 Pres: Vaclav KLAUS, Prime Min: Petr NECAS
    6 Austria 1.337 Pres: Heinz FISCHER, Chancellor: Werner FAYMANN
    7 Finland 1.352 Pres: Tarja HALONEN, Prime Min: Jyrki Tapani KATAINEN
    8 Canada 1.355 Gov: David JOHNSTON, Prime Min: Stephen Joseph HARPER
    9 Norway 1.356 King: HARALD V, Prime Min: Jens STOLTENBERG
    10 Slovenia 1.358 Pres: Danilo TURK, Prime Min: Borut PAHOR

    I will ask each of these leaders to speak out and share with other leaders how they have been successful at maintaining peace in their countries and to initiate the resolution into the United nations calling for a global Truce.
    • Jan 1 2012: How does this support your point? If you are just honoring them for being on the peace index, then it is a different story.
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        Jan 2 2012: I will ask each of these leaders to speak out and share with other world leaders how they have been successful at maintaining peace in their countries and to initiate the resolution into the United nations calling for a global Truce.
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    Jan 1 2012: Humans are starting wars and fighting wars. Humans can stop fighting wars and end wars. We just have to think about how to do it. Lets just hypothetically pretend that we could in fact end war, what would be the first step and the second step etc. We must end war to save life on Earth so we have to focus on this problem. We are searching for other life all around the universe, wishing to find it, wishing that we are not alone in the universe. Yet we (humans) are disregarding the life that we have right here. Killing, committing genocide, war. Every human on Earth is interconnected thus we are all in one way or another adding to the culture of war and exploitation. We have to just use our collective human brain to stop this disease. We must believe it is possible and that it should be done. Please do all you can to end war. We never know when we will become the victim of the war. Hundreds of millions of people have died needlessly due to a leaders psychosis or a social psychosis that took hold. We must analyse the true reason for these wars and find the true solution. What type of future do you think our children and grandchildren or great grandchildren will be living in related to war I am afraid to ask. Lets just join hands and say we are the world and try to strive for a global truce. If no leader commands their army to invade or fight in a war and commands a cease fire then that will be a great big start in the right direction. Why can't the leaders in the UN just sign an agreement to cease fire and every army cease fire all at once. We can do it. We just have to believe it is true and make it true. Michelle
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      Jan 1 2012: i can assure you i won't read any of those unless you can point to a link which summarizes it briefly. btw are you a US citizen? which presidential candidate do you support? because it is a good starting point, you know, considering that the US is a country used to attack other countries all around the globe. i can only hope that this fact is reflected in your choice.
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        Jan 1 2012: I am a US Citizen. Where are you from? I am working create a new global political party called the Going For A Global Truce Peace Movement Political Party and Organization. Please take the time to browse my blogs. It may be worth your investment of time. This is not a minor topic that I am addressing it is how to end all war on Earth. For too long we have just accepted war, and felt that there was nothing anyone could do to stop it, it is human nature or what ever. I am saying we can make a comprehensive plan to create a future without war. Please look at it and ask yourself what you can do big time to get war stopped. I asked TED to create a TED GLOBAL Peace conference each year but I have not heard back from them about this yet. We have to think that it can be done then ask ourselves how would we get it done then proceed to get it done.
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          Jan 1 2012: your blog falls into the category of Things I Do Not Read. i don't believe in Things That Can Not Be Summarized. i also don't believe that Everything Capitalized Must Be Good. however i advise you against utilizing the Avoid The Question And Talk About What I Will Do In The Future Instead method
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        Jan 1 2012: I may not be voting for anyone in the election. Who would you vote for if you were a citizen of USA. I have sent my blogs suggesting a global truce to some of the candidates, I will try to send it to all candidates and all leaders of all countries and we will see if we can get a truce voted upon through the UN Humanity really needs the world's help to stop all war. It is not a required action. We were not born with a machine gun in our hands we have created these things and we can destroy these things if the will to do so was there. One day it may come down to a choice humanity has to give up war or give up all life on earth. I hope we chose to give up war. To me it is a no brainer but It is a difficult choice for some. It is like a person who smokes 2-3 packs per cigarettes per day since they were 12 years old. They may know it may lead to cancer and other diseases but somehow they either do not believe it will happen to them or they think that they do not care if it happens to them. Then they get sick and it is one problem after another until they die a hard death. Some say every one has to die one way or the other so it does not really matter what they do but it is the quality of the life and the death that counts. I realize there are many cultures out there but really speaking to one another may help improve things a lot. We need to establish many more international efforts like I listed in my blogs. If people just think about how we can get along better and tried efforts even with people we initially find hostile maybe we can overcome these problems. We are all just humans. I need people's help to spread the idea of a global truce to the media, all politicians, in universities, radio, tv, newspapers. I am typing like a bandit. I have one person working with me that I gave him a scholarship for peace studies. We need humanity's attention to this problem to get it solved. The Ted Community can be very instrumental in helping peace.Thanks
        • Jan 1 2012: World peace is too ideal to achieve. We should not be too optimistic or too pessimistic, just be realistic thinkers and identify problems that we know we have and can stop. Ending all wars is way too ideal to be a working model. Also, the UN is corrupt in many ways.
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        Jan 2 2012: The blog can be summarized in one sentence: Global Truce is possible and we have to have a resolution calling for a permanent global truce to be submitted to the United Nations for a vote listing a permanent global cease fire day when all leaders of all nations order their armies simultaneously to cease fire! I picked 9/21/12 which is already a global truce day to be the day this takes place. The rest of the blogs discuss other things that should take place to have this simple idea which seems hard to do to work out.
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    Jan 1 2012: and how would that happen? if the US, russia or china decides to attack a country (imaginary situation for the third. real history for the second. routine for the first), the UN blue helmets should go in and confront them?
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      Jan 1 2012: Less than 5 minutes ago: HI, The idea here is to get the countries and leaders to agree not to attack and not to fight that would be the agreement in the Global Truce. Please read the blogs that I listed to show how we can work together to put interventions in place so that humanity can infact stop fighting. We have to treat this as an addiction problem and help humanity recover from a severe addiction that can infact destroy us if we do not treat it. Please read my blogs and then think about it and try to help make a plan to get humanity to stop this. I am adding more and more blogs daily. We, humanity, have accomplished so much in life but this is still a big problem. We have to figure out how to do this. I am suggesting A Going For A Global Truce Peace Movement. There are only 200 countries on Earth. We need to get the 200 leaders to try to really improve their relationship with each other. Imagine if the UN can have a monthly get together by the leaders not the ambassadors where the leaders go through a peace training program and try to improve their relationship with each other and to lead their countries peacefully. We can offer education on all topics to the leaders and possibly we can get improvements made. We are all just human beings and we all have to begin making deep changes so we do not wind up into a full blown WW3. Please see the Peace Collaborative Development Network. Maybe you can start a blog and give ideas as to how humanity can start moving on a different path. Dropping millions on bombs releases toxins into the water, soil and air so everyone gets effected around the world. There is a great ecological footprint of war and if we do not watch our step we will wind up extinct and that will be unfortunate since humanity has so many beautiful qualities, but war is not one of them. We have to find a peaceful path to resolving problems and getting mental heath services to world leaders and teach people to share resources and help each other. Go Open Sourcing!
  • Jan 1 2012: Well, no matter how hard you try war is everlasting. It is ideal to end war, but the model cannot be accomplished.
    • Jan 1 2012: war might be endless. This is debatable.
      However, doesn't aspiring to end war make the world a little bit better?
      • Jan 1 2012: No, we should not try to end war all together because that is impossible but help prevent the other calamities associated with war such as massive civilian casualty is possible,
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          Jan 1 2012: Why shouldn't we try to end war altogether? If we can educate people not to do the things they are doing to start or fuel wars then we can eliminate the war.
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      Jan 1 2012: Maybe we can I suggest the nations of the UN work collaboratively to establish the following:
      A UN Global Truce Peace Manual,
      A UN Global Truce Peace Training Manual,
      A UN Global Truce Universal Prayer for Peace
      A UN Global Truce Universal Prayer for Peace To Open All UN Peace Sessions
      A UN Global Truce Peace Counseling, Healing and Reconciliation Program,
      A UN Global Truce Peace International Leaders Annual Summit and Retreat,
      A UN Global Truce Peace World Leaders Think Tank,
      A UN Global Truce Ambassadors Training Program
      A UN Global Truce Annual Worldwide Ambassadors Summit, Think Tank and Retreat.
      A UN Global Truce World Leaders Training Program
      A UN Global Truce Peace Civil Activities Program,
      A UN Global Truce Council with a Presiding President rotating among all nations for a predetermined period i.e. for 3 months at a time.
      A UN Global Truce Peace Training Program for All World Leaders and Military Personnel on Elements of Crimes by an International Criminal Court Integrated Strategy for External Relations, Public Information and Outreach
      A UN Global Truce International Criminal Court Expansion to have the ability to swiftly hear cases of international crimes and act as a meaningful deterrent to war and to add more categories to the list of elements of Crimes.
      A UN Global Truce Program to call to trial leaders ordering genocide and war in the absence of defense against invasion.
      A UN Global Truce Peace Awards to the 10 Countries and their Leaders Most Peaceful on The Global Peace Index, and to countries that improved the most on the Global Peace Index scale in that year,
      A UN Global Truce Peace International Dialogue,
      A UN Global Truce Peace Courts System with International Laws Promoting Global Peace,
      A UN Global Truce Peace Arbitration, Mediation and Compromise Centers with ability to hear simple dispute cases online if both parties agree,
      A UN Global Truce Peace International Friendship Programs,
      A UN Global Truce International Global Family Reunion Party
      • Jan 1 2012: Everything can fuel wars. No matter what you do, war can happen. Genocide can be prevented if we focus on that then preventing war. Your idea is ideal. The model is impossible to do. We should care more about the indirect effects of war then war itself for we can actually do something about that such as preventing genocide.