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Do you really think global warming is a huge problem on Earth? (Or even real?)

In my opinion, I don't. Last winter (In New York) was the coldest winter on record. The earth is getting hotter because that is mother nature's way, but I would like to know your opinions.


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      Jan 8 2012: Why?
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        Jan 16 2012: Hi Joanne,
        An answer to your questions up there ^^^ : The fuel is called "ethanol" (I think).
        I have many mixed feelings about your next question. I feel that global warming could or could NOT be manmade; therefore it is hard to tell wether or not us humans should be interfering with it. If it is manmade, then we can definitely work on harnessing the power of the sun; that way, we can have unlimited power that is also safe and does not use harmful fuels that hurts Mother Nature. Also, (I don't know if this is even possible) but I think scientists should work on making cars that run on air. Air is unlimited; no need to waste money on gas, which is also harmful to our environment. Everyone should be making a difference to help the Earth anyway; planting a tree, recycling glass.
        Did you know recycling one glass bottle will preserve enough energy to power one T.V. for six hours? Anything helps.
        That's how I think we can make a difference to help global warming, and the environment in general.
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          Jan 16 2012: Well, I think you have more good ideas than many of the people I know. I checked out what you said about ethanol and found you are right, I copied this for you from 'business.com' online;

          'Some ethanol skeptics have even argued that the process involved in growing grain and then transforming it into ethanol requires more energy from fossil fuels than ethanol generates. In other words, they say the whole movement is a farce.'

          There are plenty of other articles to be found on line, from reputable souces, to back up your argument, if you want to study your idea further and build up a good strong argument.

          Running cars on air? Well I had to look that one up and indeed you are correct again; I found this on gizmag, an online magazine about new technology;

          'Many respected engineers have been trying for years to bring a compressed air car to market, believing strongly that compressed air can power a viable "zero pollution" car. Now the first commercial compressed air car is on the verge of production and beginning to attract a lot of attention,'

          Thank you for teaching me something new, and keep spreading the word! With young people like you in the world, I know things are going to turn out just fine.

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