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Do you really think global warming is a huge problem on Earth? (Or even real?)

In my opinion, I don't. Last winter (In New York) was the coldest winter on record. The earth is getting hotter because that is mother nature's way, but I would like to know your opinions.


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  • Jan 2 2012: Well global warming may or may not be a problem, for a few reasons, 1.some species of animals and plant life cannot take a change in their natural enviornment and you have to consider humans are highly adaptable 2. Fiish are sensitive to water temperature and some coutries depend on them for economic. 3. there isnt solid proof of global warming and the little that we know is that its riseing VEARY slowly and not enough to cause an apocalypse. So in my opinin no its not a huge problem butwe do add to it every day.
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      Jan 3 2012: What do you call slow Reynaldo? If you look at the global time scale, it is not slow, it is the blink of an eye. The last great extinction when the earth heated up, looks in the fossil record like it was almost instantaneous, yet it happened over thousands of years. Conversely, we can measure the rate of mass extinction today in decades.

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