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As 2011 draws to a close, what is your personal takeaway this year? What did life teach you in 2011?

Happy New Year...or New Day, whichever suits you TED friends. Thank you for a wonderful year of getting to know you. I look forward to each day with the TED community. You have taught me many profound and meaningful lessons this year.

Will you share what stands out for you?

Perhaps it's new knowledge, personal awakenings, aha moments, lessons from suffering and pain, or elation and joy. Whatever it was, teach us...won't you?


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  • Dec 31 2011: Life always give you another oportunity...but / if you take risk / you make a choice
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      Jan 2 2012: I agree with you, life is fair. We take risk and a bad/good thing will come. But if we don't do that, nothing will come.

      Just lives the life we want.
      • Jan 3 2012: to follow and insert changes even small changes is a good choice!
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      Jan 2 2012: Yes, could be good or could be bad...but, in the end, it is fully our experience to do with what we choose. And, around the corner, awaits another opportunity for us to sieze. :)
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        Jan 3 2012: What if we do not label it "good" or "bad"? I believe that creates more opportunities for our mind and heart. For example, I did not label a near fatal head/brain injury good, and I cannot deny the incredible life lessons I learn from the experience. The head injury is simply a head injury...neither good or bad. The lessons I learned by not judging the situation were priceless and unlimited. As you insightfully say Linda, it is our experience "it is fully our experience to do with what we choose...well said:>)
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          Jan 3 2012: Yes, that's exactly my point :) Could be good, or could be bad....as our minds judge experiences. However, the bottom line is they are...and the lessons, and what we take from outcomes are what matter. Just as you so succinctly demonstrate, Colleen :D
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        Jan 6 2012: Looks like we are on the same page. I LOVE it when that happens:>)

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