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Is divine revelation possible? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Over the course of life we learn and form conclusions--opinions. 1) Have you ever wondered how mankind actually advances? 2) Would mankind benefit from "upgrade" efforts from Divinity? This guy Jesus added his concepts to human experience, which revealed a new relationship with God. 3) Is he interested in revealing more as time continues? 4) What are possible ways he could do so?

Atheists need not apply here if not interested, but if there is desire to learn, then read on.


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  • Dec 31 2011: Living within truth, love and joy and being tuned in to one's self and external reality, one is open to receiving divine revelation. Some folks call it intuition. Sometimes it appears as a "whim." If it is positive, it is probably "divine revelation."
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      Jan 2 2012: No one is special, we're all devine. It isn't that complicated.
      • Jan 2 2012: Amen, Bro! All we have to do is be real, be chronic truth people (sending and receiving) and divine revelation is right there all the time for those who are open to it.
      • Jan 5 2012: I disagree that no one is special and we are all divine.

        Each of us has the potential to develop the divinity which exists within us as a seed, but our inner divinity must be consciously nurtured in order for us to sef-realize.

        HHDL is certainly special - particularly when compared with someone like me.
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          Jan 5 2012: Hi Thomas,
          Maybe that seed is like a diamond we're all born with. Some are polished and others are scratched through life but given time it’s always possible to polish them.
          It starts with seeing and treating everybody like numerous expressions of the one Devine.

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