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Where are we all moving with Social Networking / Online Communities?

Is social a new way or just a bubble?

If you believe Social is a new way, do you feel it will stay around and where do you feel its going, whats next for social?

If you feel its a bubble, Is it half full or ready to pop?


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    Mar 12 2011: the "social" offers the opportunity of engagement without obligations. (there is no social obligation to reply or visit or even greet for that matter. on the other hand it much easier to find "friends" and keep in touch no matter where they are.
    I think that at certain moment a saturation will occur and more "niche" online societies will gain in activities. the social will become (if it is not already) a part of our normal day. the social is already most important marketing channel. It is here to stay, but probably in another role than it is today.

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