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Is tissue engineering the future of medicine? Es la ingenieria de tejidos el futuro de la medicina?

Se deberia invertir tiempo y dinero en la financiación de este tipode ingenieria de tejidos que tienen como objectivo la regeneración de estos para la cura de organos? O suena mas bien utópico?

Should we Invest in tissue enineering time and money to cure organs troughtout tissure regeneration? Or it is a utopia?


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    Jan 27 2012: is it the future? yes, i hope so it'd come in our lifetime.

    is it panacea? no, since many diseases should be addressed in combination therapy, and tissue regeneration has its limitations.

    is it worth the capital for research? well i'm pretty sure it'd come out as expensive for the patient at first, but a decade later into utility, it may be turn out to be worth the initial investment.

    when is this gonna happen? every month or so, we read published articles about small successes in xenotransplantation, but we haven't heard of major news in mainstream outlets about this.. yet.

    for as long as there is no definitive cure to a disease, i think we should not stop believing in the potential of cell research.


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