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I don´t have an idea. I have a concern. How can it be, that an entity like TED has no inspiring talk about this question? Our world is failing in front of our eyes, but all we (or our elected representatives do) is to rescue the very "Demokratur" (democracy plus dictatorship put together in German) that obviously did not work. Why? A lack of alternatives? What would such an alternative look like?

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    Dec 31 2011: Keep looking, there's like 900+ videos. You may not find THE solution rolled up all in one, but bits of solution here and there.
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      Dec 31 2011: any suggestion?
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        Dec 31 2011: "Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies" could be one. It's the most recent one I have seen which I think might be relevant.
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          Dec 31 2011: thx Matthieu, but I´m looking for solutions. I know more or less in what a bad situations we are. Hans Rosling and others have shown the data. Though, what I´m concerned about is how to continue. The only solution of R. Wilkonson is his second to last slide where he proposes a better tax system. I believe we need a more fundamental change than just some taxes here and some aid there.
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    Dec 31 2011: I totally agree with Adrian. It´s only an appearance of freedom. An appearance of domocracy. But who actually rules is the elite of financial powerhouses and transnational companies which control and dictate every goverment in power and had way more time to establish their power than any democratically elected offical can dream of.

    Hence my play of words "Demokratur". Every goverment we vote into power has to play the same game of servicing this elite. Be a puppet in the system. Thus it really doesn´t matter whether PP or PSOE in Spain, the CDU or the SPD in Germany, Democrats or Republicans in the States, are in power - they are all just puppets of the dictatorship we live in.

    Though please don´t confuse democracy with capitalism. I think democracy is not the wrong way to go, it just has to be more social, and capitalism isn´t. The 80/20 rule must be broken (that the top 20% of the society earns 80% of the income). And it can´t be that people earn huge amounts of money by not adding any value (bankers). And don´t confuese socialism with comunism as it is commonly done in the US.

    What about a social capitalism with a top salery of $ 250,000 and a minimum salary of $50,000. Who is better or works harder can negociate the most valuable extra payment: Time. Because that´s the only thing we run out of in the end.
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    Dec 31 2011: The world is coming to a time where a new form of government would have to implemented. The colonial style of government no longer appeals to the people. Is not just democracy that is failing is all the different government systems.

    A government catered to the people will be required. We need to put our head together and invent a new and better system of governance. I'm a big fan of the resource based government I think it has potential. Money has brought us wars, famine and division, okay ipads and iphones too :)

    Another thing the people will never truly be free, until the people controls basic services likes energy, housing and water processing. We don't realize it completely yet but in a way we're still enslaved. The difference is that we have an appearance of freedom. But it's nothing more than that an appearance.
  • Dec 31 2011: MALES and FEMALES are equal. Acknowledging that simple fact and implementing that will cause a simultaneous solution to all of Earth's problems. Let FEMALES and MALES work together as equals to design new systems that will work to elevate the joy level of all of us adorable Earthlings. Happy Today!
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    Dec 31 2011: It would look like a population of informed, active voters who closely monitor the progress of their elected representatives in achieiving the specified legislative actions made clear and binding prior to the election. Failure to work consistently for the prescribed goals would result in a vote of confidence. Any elected representative failing such a vote would be subject to recall. Ignorant, apathetic citizens who never participate in the system but endlessly whine about being disenchanted are the cause of the problem, not the effect.Vigilance, knowledge and action on the part of voters can rid a representative form of government of corruption and dishonesty. I agree Florian, our world is endangered, and Cicero saw it coming! He said, "Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered".
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      Dec 31 2011: The "apathetic citizens" who don't participate in the voting process are many times apathetic because they voted for many many years and nothing happened. Can you blame them?

      Who can control humans? Another human? Look at all the governments humans have experimented with:

      Are people any happier today with their 'human governments' than before? Are we truly free?
      The pursuit of happiness is just that, a pursuit. You are not guaranteed to obtain it under human rule. And also here's another quote....It is called the American dream because it is just that....a dream. Not reality. No human government, made up of imperfect humans like you and me can ever solve mankind's problems.

      Florian, like many young people worldwide are worried about our world, and they see with fresh eyes lots of truths that others have with time lost sight of. I am moved when I see his concern.

      I have a deep faith in a higher form of government, I will wait to see it come....the earth will be a different place under it's rulership.
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        Dec 31 2011: I agree Mary that a godless government cannot be perfect. Man has a way of corrupting everything he touches. That is why we came-up with some agreed-upon rules of interaction, called government.
        I think Florian's point goes to optimizing that secular government by working with what we have.
        Thus, my point is that an optimized secular government will be of the people, by the people and for the people. If those same people become bored and disenchanted to the point of becoming uninformed and uninvolved then they are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.
        Thanks for your thoughts Mary.