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I don´t have an idea. I have a concern. How can it be, that an entity like TED has no inspiring talk about this question? Our world is failing in front of our eyes, but all we (or our elected representatives do) is to rescue the very "Demokratur" (democracy plus dictatorship put together in German) that obviously did not work. Why? A lack of alternatives? What would such an alternative look like?


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    Dec 31 2011: The world is coming to a time where a new form of government would have to implemented. The colonial style of government no longer appeals to the people. Is not just democracy that is failing is all the different government systems.

    A government catered to the people will be required. We need to put our head together and invent a new and better system of governance. I'm a big fan of the resource based government I think it has potential. Money has brought us wars, famine and division, okay ipads and iphones too :)

    Another thing the people will never truly be free, until the people controls basic services likes energy, housing and water processing. We don't realize it completely yet but in a way we're still enslaved. The difference is that we have an appearance of freedom. But it's nothing more than that an appearance.

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