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We can all be heros! We share many of the same insecurities and fears, so why do some people take action while others continue to look away?

Heros aren't born, they're just like any of us. Fearful. Worried. Distracted. Reluctant. Everyday people who find themselves in extraordinary situations. The difference happens when we do something about it. Sometimes it's instinctive, like protecting a friend from being bullied or put down. Other times it gets to a point that we just can't look the other way any longer.

When we watch movies, why are we drawn to the reluctant hero? The one who has to overcome his own fears and issues and doubts before standing up to face adversity. It's because that hero is a reflection of us. We can be that hero, too. There are thousands of opportunities around us all the time. We just have to open our eyes and our hearts to see that we're needed and believe that we can make a difference. It's as simple as taking that first step. Once you start, you can't help but do more.

I'd appreciate hearing your perspectives, and stories of everyday heros who stepped out of their everyday lives to make a difference.


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  • Jan 11 2012: Sounds like the David Bowie song ... in some cases I can be a hero but if I stop to think too long and engage at an intellectual level rather out of compassion I can talk myself out of it.
    There are all sorts of heroes including those who will take time to be with someone that "normal" society often shuns, acts of selfless kindness, acts that cost us something and acts that require danger to our physical or mental well being ....

    And a person can be a hero one day and the next walk right on by ...

    Findamentally for me at the heart is the ability to step outside my own narrow constraints, bias and self serving mentality to seek the diminution of suffering for another ... it could be as simple as supporting a person's argument or aspect of it where others are shouting it down.

    The more we engage with the right of us all to express ourselves so long as we do not deliberate harm the more we become a community of heroes ...

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