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We can all be heros! We share many of the same insecurities and fears, so why do some people take action while others continue to look away?

Heros aren't born, they're just like any of us. Fearful. Worried. Distracted. Reluctant. Everyday people who find themselves in extraordinary situations. The difference happens when we do something about it. Sometimes it's instinctive, like protecting a friend from being bullied or put down. Other times it gets to a point that we just can't look the other way any longer.

When we watch movies, why are we drawn to the reluctant hero? The one who has to overcome his own fears and issues and doubts before standing up to face adversity. It's because that hero is a reflection of us. We can be that hero, too. There are thousands of opportunities around us all the time. We just have to open our eyes and our hearts to see that we're needed and believe that we can make a difference. It's as simple as taking that first step. Once you start, you can't help but do more.

I'd appreciate hearing your perspectives, and stories of everyday heros who stepped out of their everyday lives to make a difference.


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  • Dec 31 2011: Hi Mr. Morry, you hit it on the very idea! "It's as simple as taking that first step"
    Our own, hero's depend on our role models. My hero, is my mom. I am lucky. She had a bad time. She pulled her as-- out of her head, then decided to raise kids. It was not easy, I remember that! She is my hero. :)
    • Dec 31 2011: Sometimes pulling your head out of your a** IS the the most difficult stage of moving towards a positive direction....and the hardest to do,sometimes, as YOU were the one who put it up there in the first place...

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