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Is neural activity truly the basis for thoughts, feelings, and perceptions?

"Neural activity is the physical basis, or so neuroscientists think, for thoughts, feelings, and perceptions."

In this qstatement, is Dr Seung implying that this is up for debate?


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  • Jan 16 2012: I am not sure I understand the question but I believe our thoughts feelings and perceptions are more complex than that. It has been said that if you change your thoughts it can change the way you feel. In the same breath can I change the way think if I change the way I feel? As for perceptions they are somewhat complex. If it was just a matter of neural activity wouldn't all of our feeling, thought and perceptions be the same. But there are so many variables. Past experiences, bias,preconceived ideas all have a part in how I perceive things. Even my feelings can change my perception. They are too intertwined to just be a simple process.

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