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Can a TED members global community be created to facilitate and host every member who travels in others country ?

information Technology has brought this world closer. Getting connected to most of the people virtually has become easily possible. But staying in a virtual world is different from being in a real world.

Every time I visit a new country I have a complete new experience. Even having spoken several times with friends/ associates from this country and even having read a great deal of information the experience that I get when I visit such places in person is always phenomenal.

It becomes very useful when you visit a country coz you get to know the people, cultures, tradition, governance system, business opportunities and many such things.

TWith this as an objective there would be the following questions which will help us to understand wthether it is possible or not? :
1) Whether you would like to network with TED community members with a view to visit their countries?

2) Whether you would like to be a host to members visiting your country? and what would be the different ways in which you would be able to assist during their visit.

3) Whether you feel such ideas are impractical ?

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    Jan 3 2012: You may be able to simply email a person and become friends with them in which case they may be willing to host. personally i would love the opportunity to help someone achieve their dreams. however, i would only host someone who is going to be attending events or is dead set on reaching or getting the attention of someone who has the ability to make their dream come true. If and only if they plan to work all day every day at accomplishing that. if they are prepared and have ambition, i think others would do the same if their circumstances permitted. however, i dont think i would for someone on vacation, unless it was someone who could offer expertise in my area of study.
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    Jan 14 2012: There is something welcoming about being in a strange place
    with people you know share a passionate interest for life's innovations.

    not dead heads,
    finding fruit in ideas from Fred,
    good comes to those with major TEDCred,
    'nuff said.
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    Jan 4 2012: I see William already mentioned couchsurfing which is probably the most popular one out there.

    However, I think what you imply - and I am fond of your idea - is that you not only physically host others and allow them to sleep over, but that you help them get to know the city or the area you are living in better. There is also a matter of trust involved and I have to say I would trust an active TEDster a lot more than a random person.

    As I said I am fond of this idea, so in case anyone here is planning on visiting Karlsruhe let me know ;)
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      Jan 6 2012: Thanks Sabin, I appreciate your comment and I too welcome all those who would like to visit India..
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    Jan 16 2012: I am totally agreeing with the idea of an TED BED .
    And if you contact me i can also arrange a place to stay.
    The only thing is that you visit the country with a goal, like an TED event or an cultural trip.
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    Jan 13 2012: That's such a good idea. Just imagine, that you get to go anywhere in the world and have the insurance someone is waiting for you, to host or just be disponible to show you around.

    Well, anyone coming to the ivory coast should feel free to let me know, ther will be a place for a Ted friend!
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    Jan 12 2012: Hi Neel,

    Don't we already have that through our membership? If I needed information or advice about traveling , I would reach out to TED friends there ( or even post a is the best time to visit Ischia and what is the best part of the island to stay in?)

    I have extended standing invites to several TED friends and the same has been offered to me. So I think we have that already. It could be formalized by having volunteer regional hosts That might be especially useful for TED and TEDX events..I think its a great idea.

    Looking for a host on Ischia March 1-21.
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      Jan 13 2012: Thanks for the insight Lindsay... if it is being practiced its a nice thing which is happy.... I am willing to host in case any seminar is being arranged or even otherwise if it is in India.
  • Jan 7 2012: I would love to see this happen and would love to host as well as be a hostee. Since I am relatively new to TED trust might be an issue for me though. I will remain open to this idea though if it is built upon.
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      Jan 7 2012: Thanks for your feedback Kathleen. I too would love to be a hostee. Why not take a step ahead in creating a global family
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    Jan 6 2012: I like I like this idea... by the way i only stumbled upon this website only yesterday and i am totally awed by what i have learned so far! Well done Tedsters
  • Jan 6 2012: Hi Neel, Good questions and a good idea. there are many hosting club in internet for travellors, (and I am a member in some clubs). Yes it is a good ieas to travel and being hosted by locals where you learn more about the place then from guiding books or other sources and helping people while they are travelling is also an interesting experience. as it is mentioned already, if what CouchSurffers can do, then TEDsters can learn to do. I am happy to host people when I have time and space because for me there is no strangers in the world there are friends I haven't met yet.
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    Jan 4 2012: a couchsurfing-software for TED enhanced with profiles, so people with the same / complementary interests can meet. travelling / experiencing new things could be connected with meeting interesting people which could lead to everything from interesting conversations / friendships / creating a company. it is always a big difference if you chat over the internet or if you meet a person in reality. i think it would be a big opportunity. we shouldnt be separated by distance anymore in the age of information.
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      Jan 4 2012: I like this idea ! I was thinking about it too..
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    Jan 7 2012: Who wants to design a standard TEDBED that we can fabricate out of plentiful surplus supplies? such as the sign posts stockpiled at all D.O.T. sites ect? The right TEDBED could also serve as quick shipable shelter to mass disater areas.
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    Jan 7 2012: Yes. I would gladly offer a place on my property for a TEDBED, and would be happy to register with some sort of network to allow TEDTRAVELLERS to locate nearest TEDBED
  • Jan 4 2012: There are severall websites like couchsurfing which would help you do this. Just be specific that only members can visit you!
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    Jan 4 2012: I agree Julius... the purpose of the members who are visiting and whether it matches with what one is interested in certainly matters.