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Can a TED members global community be created to facilitate and host every member who travels in others country ?

information Technology has brought this world closer. Getting connected to most of the people virtually has become easily possible. But staying in a virtual world is different from being in a real world.

Every time I visit a new country I have a complete new experience. Even having spoken several times with friends/ associates from this country and even having read a great deal of information the experience that I get when I visit such places in person is always phenomenal.

It becomes very useful when you visit a country coz you get to know the people, cultures, tradition, governance system, business opportunities and many such things.

TWith this as an objective there would be the following questions which will help us to understand wthether it is possible or not? :
1) Whether you would like to network with TED community members with a view to visit their countries?

2) Whether you would like to be a host to members visiting your country? and what would be the different ways in which you would be able to assist during their visit.

3) Whether you feel such ideas are impractical ?


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    Jan 4 2012: a couchsurfing-software for TED enhanced with profiles, so people with the same / complementary interests can meet. travelling / experiencing new things could be connected with meeting interesting people which could lead to everything from interesting conversations / friendships / creating a company. it is always a big difference if you chat over the internet or if you meet a person in reality. i think it would be a big opportunity. we shouldnt be separated by distance anymore in the age of information.
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      Jan 4 2012: I like this idea ! I was thinking about it too..

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