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Can you kindly complete this? If you love me then you will never...

experiences, evaluations and expectations run with time...our references is a mix of our past experiences and they affect our present emotional and mental states which in turn influences our present evaluations thus, finally predicts to a large extent our future expectations...
This question would help you recall those values you have for love and would help in shaping your 3 'Es'

if you love me then you will never lie to me.


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    Dec 30 2011: Well the cliche would be " leave me". But we know thats a lie. If you love me you will never " hurt me?" Sorry promises, promises. Though I'd hope i wouldnt. Perhaps the answer would be and indeed another cliche' "I will never say never."

    With regard toyour line " if you love me then you will never lie to me" doesnt sit easily with me. Perhaps it is because i love you that i will lie to you.

    More to the point would i ever betray you?
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      Dec 30 2011: Phillip are you telling me you have not experienced love before?
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        Jan 2 2012: Hiwe, I guess i've been in what you call love. Perhaps a couple of times. But love can be broken down into many parts. I'm all for honesty in relatiionships and that is not easy when many are formed with deceit. Not intentional, nonetheless deceit. Even self deceit. We know that love wears of over time and then other influences may keep together or drive apart "lovers".
        I am well versed in the romantic notions put to us in Hollywood movies and the idealiseDnarratives we hold in our minds. I also know how quickly the tide can turn if evolutionary drives are not met or compromised.
        I guess really i am a bit skeptical of the question and the answers that might follow.
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          Jan 3 2012: HONESTY...hmmm is an ambiguous word in the crux of this discussion love, because it's practically possible that someone's spouse colud be honestly telling a lie...honesty to me could be induced or pseudo-conviction.
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        Jan 5 2012: Honesty is not ambiguous. Honestly. Its just one person's view. Now if we want to get into self deception and deception of others then i hardly think honesty is the right word. We dont honestly tell lies. But we might make things up to maintain some dignity. Those honest lies if looked at closely were not honest. There was motivation. How the hell does one pronounce your name? Is it Hugh?
        Sorry Hiwe i have problems staying on topic sometimes.
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          Jan 6 2012: thanks all the same...well its pronounced "high way"

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