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Any TED related New Year's resolutions?

Has TED inspired you to do something different this year?

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    Jan 2 2012: Try to translate more with more quality.
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      Jan 3 2012: Hi Martin!
      In your opinion, what need to be considered most to become an outstanding TED translator?
  • Jan 2 2012: By chance did i see Matt Cutts "Try something new for 30 days" and well made me even join TED :)
    So my New Year's resolution will be to try this out, starting with january and keep it rolling :D

    I have made a basic list for this month to try it out, here is some of my resolutions: get a better sleep habbit, do some form of training(exercise) each day, take a picture each day, give at least 3 compliments each day.

    I would really like to get suggestions on things i can add to the next months list :)

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    Dec 30 2011: a persons life can not be altered by what they sat out to do one day, at the beginning of the year. but can only be changed by what they set out to do at the beginning of every day of their life. i dont believe in new years resolutions.
    • Jan 2 2012: I agree that "can only be changed by what they set out to do at the beginning of every day of their life." But new years resolutions can be the very start of something new and good. Those whom dont believe in resolutions is those who dont have the effort to fulfill what they started?
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        Jan 2 2012: I agree Anderas, ... new year should be taken as opportunity for doing some new things and having certain resolutions in challenging ourselves in accomplishing our goals
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      Jan 2 2012: The cynical view is that every day is just like another. How will the date make a difference? I think it's all about hope, even if the meaning we attribute to it is superficial, the hope is real and can be utilized in a powerful way. However, I share your skepticism perhaps not just to that degree. Great article, though.
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      Jan 3 2012: In my point of view, new year is a long, big plan and new day is a short, small one.
      Sometimes we need 1 year to finish a long, big project (open bussiness, affort a house, finish a degree..)
      But sometimes again, we just need 1 day to finish a short, small task (homework, short seminar, picnic..)

      Just for share and consider!
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    Jan 3 2012: yes ,it let me know English is so important to me ,and I must work hard to grasp it !!!Actually I wanna to give up before I know the TED ,it give me the enthusiasm ...It will be nice to be your friend and I beg your help ~
  • Jan 3 2012: Hi Brittney, Yep! My new year resolution, " To not have my comments deleted on TED! ( I think I already broke it) Man, I have no stamina! Love the pic! :)
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    Dec 30 2011: I got hooked on to TED just recently. I was searching for some information and I just accidently came across one of the TED talks.

    One of my new year resolution would be to learn at least listen to one TED talk each day. Experiment (wherevar possible) with at least 10 new ideas which I have come across in TED. Generate one idea a week and share it on TED (so total 52 ideas in a year)

    Brittney, whats your new year's resolution?
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      Jan 2 2012: To read more, to become more organized! And to watch more TED videos! Volunteer more, that sort of thing!
      I like your idea of one TED video a day!! :)
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      Jan 3 2012: Me too, It was 1 year ago, I had a chance to join a course named Train for Trainer of Samsung in Gumi Complex in South Korea and the Trainer named Jang Rae Cho gave us a lecture about creating and sharing ideas to make this world better. He also included Ted in his speech and presentation as the best resource for us to improve our view and skill to work better in Training for Human Resource.

      Everyday, wake up, watch Ted, find out at least 1 new idea, write it down, make a list and you will be suprised at the end of year.