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IF we stop listening to songs then we will reduce the Attention Disorder.

Attention Disorder: that a big problem we are in but a few know about it, when humans have Attention Disorder what happen to him:

1- Bad school grades.
2- Bad ability to creativity.
3- Bad time management.
4- Increased Distraction.

So what we will gain if we listening to songs?


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    Jan 3 2012: HI everyone, what i'm saying Don't listen to Songs not musics, in music cool tool to help us to memories and fast learning and prefect flow of music can make up superman! but (((((Songs))))) with lyrics that lyrics use the benefit of music to change our brain thinking, When you listen to the some songs can revive the retailed memories make cells in your brain from past state and that is wasting your brain cells. i'm just say be ware what you are listen to that is it, thanks all.
    • Jan 3 2012: You cannot waste brain cells from listening to songs. No matter how stupid the song is, it makes you think, so you are still benefiting. Of course, there are horrible songs with horrible messages, but the bottom line is that it still makes you think.

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