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What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

i asked this to a few people i know and almost everyone answered "something naughty" and provided specifics, so i just wanna ask the same question to this community to see if they would have the same or an entirely different view about this.


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  • Dec 30 2011: I would not have married my first husband. At that time our oldest child was 9 months and we were expected to get married. But in my heart I knew it was not meant to last. I even remember rolling my eyes when the preacher said "to honor and obey" I was disgusted by that thought. So if I would not have been judged I would have stayed unwed with my son.
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      Dec 30 2011: you remind me of myself 4 years ago when i was about to get married with my ex-boyfriend who is also the father of my 2 kids. i have always wanted to get married then since i was blinded by the thought that marriage could save our relationship. i am just way glad that i did not for i know that it could be a lifetime nightmare to be with someone who doesn't respect my worth in the first place.

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