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adding online- collaboration tools to TED

TED is probably one of the greatest idea-sharing plattforms worldwide. with TED conversations a first step is done to let all people share their ideas.
TED is a worldwide community of smart people passionate about topics that can bring humanity forward. TED should add online-collaboration tools, so that people can join and and build global teams who work on problems / topics they care. This could be Project Management software, data sharing software, chat possibilities (it makes a big difference if you write with a person or if you videoskype with it), online 3D engineering software, programming software, a platform where investors and their money and inventors and their ideas can find themselves (NPOs or profit orientied organisations).
Regarding the intelligence of the people here, the importance of the topics for humanity and the shared passion, this could have a huge impact to bring us forward. There are people with ideas that cant realize them, people with the technical knowledge to realize them, people with economic knowledge to make the project profitable, and people with money who all share the same passion but are separated by thousand of kilometers and dont even know each other. Lets create a plattform to let them join.
TED could also get a share for successful projects, or get donations for financing further TED events.

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    Jan 2 2012: I agree, There is so much more TED can do and should do. They want to maintain high quality so changes are slow. In addition to online collaborations I hope they allow for TED Global Think Tanks where people of all disciplines focus on making a comprehensive plan to resolve one type of problem at a time ie food, agriculture, disease, war etc. It would be great if we could buy tickets to see ted and ted global online at reasonable prices. They can allow us to submit talks that we make at home not just from TED or TEDx events We can call them TEDx Community Talks Etc

    Please check out some ideas I gave to TED:
  • Jan 1 2012: Great idea, feasible.

    Why not ?