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What are we supposed to eat?

Are we omnivores or herbivores? Are the recommended always the better choice? What about fats, oils, butter and margarine? Who should we listen to? What is wrong with vegetarianism?

And many more...

Any comments are appreciated, feel free to scratch the surface!


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  • Dec 30 2011: Its actually simple...if you want it eat it. I believe it was Julia Child that said... "everything in moderation, including moderation"!

    Listen to your body and if your body doesn't like what you eat then don't eat it. If your body doesn't argue then eat away!

    Now saying that, if you are diabetic or have high cholesterol or heart disease...eat what you should for your health. But if you are a healthy person, moderate exercise and see your doctor on a regular basis...I say go for it! Eat whatever you crave!


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