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If Death motivates us to live more fully does religion stand in the way of a fulfilled life.

I've always got the death inspiration. It seems logiocal. Near death propelled me to have kids. Death reminds me of a finite life span. It wills me into life. So if this is the case. Does religion and the associated afterlife diminishand obstruct this life potential? Like to know your thoughts.


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  • Jan 9 2012: Many topics to address and clarify in such short space and time. I will say this about some of the comments: I have been very successful at living life without blaming others for what I have or not done. Take responsibility for your actions. Religion is a very personal matter, and a very complicated one. I do, however, believe it is not up to any of us to convince the other about what we think is the right path. It is more our responsibility to assist individuals to thrive in their beliefs, as long as they are clearly not harmful to themselves or others. As far as death, the possibility of afterlife or there not being one, I would like to propose one thing as a solution: live NOW in harmony with yourself and others and with a compassionate heart. To attempt defining death in terms of how we live might be presumptuous no matter what our beliefs are. The mind of God, for those who believe in a deity, is out of our reach and understanding, but I do know that whatever or whomever God is, his intent might not have been for us to make living harder than it naturally is. Life for all of us is hard. It's important to accept and understand that fact. To avoid hardship is futile and impossible. Once we accept this there is a possibility that we might just achieve some degrees of happiness.

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