Shawn Bellamak

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If you drill deep enough, most human beings are "stuck" over financial struggles. I would love to help others eliminate the money problem.

I want to remove the "money problem" from people's lives. If I could figure out how, I would teach it to the world. I've been close, but haven't been able to cross the goal line. Picture a room full of people, who are hard workers, that have never been exposed a system of making unlimited income. It does exist. If you ask people what the top 10 biggest hurdles they need to overcome are, in their lives, money is somewhere at the top. Figure out a way to help them solve this, and you've figured out how to help humanity. Solving the money problem....what say you?

  • Dec 29 2011: I would probably say MONEY is biggest problem in everyones life...Probably you can subside its reaction by
    1...bridging between need to have and good to have