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If Veganism can reverse Diabetes, why isn't the mainstream medical field creating enough awareness about it?

Do we see the good for everyone in profits only?

  • Mar 3 2011: Because, not enough people realise that to be a vegan you need protein from other sources, this is difficult as the only protien our body can digest comes from animal products it would be more detrimental to our health as a society if the medical field made it seem like the right way to go. Furthermore, the pharmisuitical companies need to make money, it's the word we live in today and the western diet is awful but unfortunately we are controlled by money.
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    Mar 7 2011: Nothing of this nature has anything to do with profits. Vegan-ism is your choice and likely there is little evidence to support this as with many basic natural cures.
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      Mar 8 2011: There is a difference between being a vegan and modifying your diet to combat a disease. No one is claiming that this is some magic cure, only that it can help certain diabetics control their diabetes. As for evidence to support this, you can google scholar Neal D Barnard and look at it yourself. While there is still work to be done, it seems as though switching to a vegan or nearly vegan diet does help type 2 diabetics. As for this being a natural cure, eating brussel sprouts is no more natural than eating beef. We do have both incisors and molars.
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    Mar 6 2011: I think it may be because all the results aren't in yet. I looked up some of the research done, and it is indeed promising. But there are still some grey areas. The principle piece of research, judging by number of citations per year since publication that I could find on google scholar, used a small (99 p.) sample group, and included other variables, such as dietary and social counseling, though they did exclude the exercise component found in similar research. There are also side effects to be considered, such as vitamin deficiencies or unexpected consequences based on the use of medication. This does not mean that the principle is not sound. There are ways to work around the vitamin issue, and there will likely be ways to deal with medication. But as of yet, more research needs to be done.

    I totally agree that more awareness need be made of this situation. But there is still ambiguity, there is still more to be done. We need more awareness so that that research can be done. Regardless of what pharmaceutical companies want, the scientists aren't ready to proclaim this research as fact. It won't be until they have explored all the possibilities, checked and double checked their research, hunted out all other possible explanations for their results, and found a strong method for determining the best dietary guidelines that they will they start making a lot of noise about this. It's up to us to make sure that the research gets done.
    • Mar 14 2011: Yes Daniel,
      I totally agree with you when you say, its up to us to make sure research gets done! Also, the possibilities of Vitamin defeciency is important but I am sure it is preferrable to take Vitamin supplements to antidiabetic drugs! Also I would like to mention Harrison's Textbook of Medicne Ed.17 has mentioned BOVINE PROTEINS as possible etiological agents in Type 2 DM.
      My personal experience bears out the effectiveness of Vegan diet inspite of stopping anti-diabetic drugs my GlycoHb has improved though gradually.