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How have we changed so far because of TED??

As we ready ourselves to start a new year, what learning from TED Talks have we incorporated into our way of being?? How have we changed because of TED in our day to day lives??

Please share one concrete learned idea that has resonated with you in each entry you make. Please make a new entry for each learning point you would like to offer. Above talks are only a sampling of my favorites and not meant to limit anyone's input. There are 1107 TED Talks to choose from, so you are welcomed to make as many entries here as you wish.

I am hoping this will be a place where we can pool what we each have taken away from TED, and share our new applied and practical knowledge, skills and directives.

With much gratitude in advance,
Happy New Year!!

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    Jan 14 2012: One thing that struck me in coordinating TEDxLincoln in 2011 is that there are many positive ideas out there, ideas that can make a difference in a good way. As we take the time to listen to those ideas and incorporate them into our own lives, we can make an impact and in a small way improve our world. This, in contrast to what I've been reading in "In the Garden of Beasts" where fear, threats, and violence can unleash horrible things.
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      Jan 18 2012: Agreed. "listening to those ideas and incorporating them into our own lives, we can make improve our world.""

      Regarding the "garden"- light being the one and only source of life, obviously without it, there is only decay. Fortunately for us we all have the sun :-):-) and from there when more of us can realize that our purpose is shining the light, and spreading it to others, then we can sustain humanity until it reaches its full potential. The desperate need for human ascension into it's higher and bigger and better story has never been so clearly evident as now. And TED makes me feel that we are at the dawn of a great era.

      I can only imagine the thrill of being at a TED conference, and it must be great !! Coordinating one, sounds like a major workout ;-):-)Thank you Randall for your input here and your great work.

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