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How have we changed so far because of TED??

As we ready ourselves to start a new year, what learning from TED Talks have we incorporated into our way of being?? How have we changed because of TED in our day to day lives??

Please share one concrete learned idea that has resonated with you in each entry you make. Please make a new entry for each learning point you would like to offer. Above talks are only a sampling of my favorites and not meant to limit anyone's input. There are 1107 TED Talks to choose from, so you are welcomed to make as many entries here as you wish.

I am hoping this will be a place where we can pool what we each have taken away from TED, and share our new applied and practical knowledge, skills and directives.

With much gratitude in advance,
Happy New Year!!

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  • Jan 13 2012: I have incorporarted quite a few ideas into my work. I have shared Simon Sinek's ideas, my favorite Sir Ken Robinson and quite other I use them actively and Fridays is a TED day in my office. I am looking to ask my co-workers to choose their favorite TED talks and we discuss how to implement them, use them or just promote them. I tell everyone to incorporate TED into their thinking.
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      Jan 13 2012: Hi Luis, "a TED day at the office" I wish I worked for you Fridays :-);-)
      • Jan 14 2012: We are always looking for bright people- open my office in Boston :) Cheers!
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          Jan 14 2012: Great !! What are we waiting for :-);-)

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