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Do we choose what we do, or do we only observe the world?

I was writing an essay about a week ago, and got into thinking.
Do we actually have a choice of what to do in a specific moment, or is it all already set?
I mean, people are trying to make computers that could make choices on their own without people telling them what to do, but think this way:
when you combine oxygen and hydrogen, you will always get sulfur. Every action has specific reaction. Therefore, brain will always react to something the same way if under the same conditions.
So do we really get to choose of what are we going to do, or are we just on observers?
And if we are observers, than making a computer that can compute fast enough and with enough memory to contain all variables would make us possible to see everything that happened in the past, present and the future.
And it's pretty weird that I got to here from essay title 'The world is beautiful and life is a gift from heaven'.

I just wanted to know what do you think about it...


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