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If we were to build a new society from scratch, how can we find the best designs to do so - and what are they?

- Open source information/collaboration technology
- Green tech designs with little to zero ecological footprints
- Scientifically optimised products for sustainable solutions
- Internet, robots, augmented reality, microorganisms, etc.
- Massive reductions in excessive consumption
- Well earned headroom to conduct desirable human affair

As a species with such vast technological insight, we have the opportunity to appreciate our planet, our conception, our consciousness and extraordinary cognitive abilities.

I'm not talking about being lifeless machines. Let's rejoice and laugh about our errors and mistakes. And for those with a biological disposition to worship, why not worship the sun, the planet, the body and the mind? In essence it is about better allowing ourselves to be human by improving society, with every colourful palette and diversity that may imply.

And here comes the real question:

Who are the thinkers and doers with brilliant ideas? How do we collectively extract their most important lessons, and how do we collectively puzzle them together to create the blueprint for a new society? How do we put the blueprint into practise without being regulated, taxed or sabotaged by preexisting governments?


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  • Dec 28 2011: What you are speaking of is an intentional community. I am part of one and everyone in the community figures things out by concensus and we all get along. We have been living together for 74 days and so far so good. We are all different with different opinions but we find common ground and run with it. Nobody is in charge or leads we dicide everything as a group.
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      Dec 28 2011: Where does your community reside? What you are doing is very relevant, at least psychologically. Are you publishing any official records regarding your challenges and experiences as a community?
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        Jan 21 2012: Tor, I believe these self-reliant, mutually-dependent coagulations of people figuring out how to live are popping up all over the place. The thing is, it's all quite a messy process and for the dozen that vanished yesterday, two dozen appear today. So trying to capture this general evolution in adopting the modes of operation you specify will be quite a challenge. There is the virtual canvas like this, then there is the agricultural canvas, the urban canvas, the political canvas--systemically, we are undergoing an overhaul of every corner of our lives by people with vision. It's just simply not a single narrative and certainly not a linear one. Nevertheless, it is breath-taking to watch renaissance in the midst of colossal decay.

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