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If we were to build a new society from scratch, how can we find the best designs to do so - and what are they?

- Open source information/collaboration technology
- Green tech designs with little to zero ecological footprints
- Scientifically optimised products for sustainable solutions
- Internet, robots, augmented reality, microorganisms, etc.
- Massive reductions in excessive consumption
- Well earned headroom to conduct desirable human affair

As a species with such vast technological insight, we have the opportunity to appreciate our planet, our conception, our consciousness and extraordinary cognitive abilities.

I'm not talking about being lifeless machines. Let's rejoice and laugh about our errors and mistakes. And for those with a biological disposition to worship, why not worship the sun, the planet, the body and the mind? In essence it is about better allowing ourselves to be human by improving society, with every colourful palette and diversity that may imply.

And here comes the real question:

Who are the thinkers and doers with brilliant ideas? How do we collectively extract their most important lessons, and how do we collectively puzzle them together to create the blueprint for a new society? How do we put the blueprint into practise without being regulated, taxed or sabotaged by preexisting governments?


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  • Dec 28 2011: We reside in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and are a part of the Occupy Movement in the U.S. We are one of the last camps standing at this point and are in court to try and keep our space. You can find more information on occupypittsburgh.org that's our website. We have lived solely on donations the entire time and anyone is welcame. We have a guest tent, media tent, arts tent, library, childrens tent and kitchen. We rent portajohns for the bathrooms and run our lights off of batteries. Although it's cold out we have no heat but really don't miss it, we also have no electricity. We have 14,000 supporters in the city who bring us food and water and others who think we are in the wrong. Our goal is to get the corperations out of our government and vice versa, we are tired of having our lives run by these two entities. We are but a few among the many but will stand our ground and hopefully bring about some social justice and gain back some freedoms lost.
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      Dec 28 2011: I see, though your community doesn't truly reflect the vision I had in mind in my question, I support the Occupy Movement with all my heart. I think you have shown exeptional endurance and you inspire everyone who rejects the monetary system. Thank you!
      • Jan 10 2012: The occupy movement is artificial. It's made up of political groups who you referred to in your introduction when you said, "How do we put the blueprint into practise without being regulated, taxed or sabotaged by preexisting governments?"

        It's the governments that are behind the occupy movement. The problem with the economies today aren't the banks or the 1%, it's the governments. They have caused the problems in the first place. Most occupiers are sheeple doing the governments work. Unbind your mind, There is no time, to like the stamps, and paste them in, Discorporate and then, you can begin.

        The money is being financed through socialist, communist and control organizations. Don't kid yourself. Maybe read the book, "Road to Serfdom".

        The "monetary system" is all created by Government, not business.
        • Jan 13 2012: We rely on donations from the community and not organizations. We are not made up of political groups we are made up of a variety of people who want to see change. The sheeple are the people walking around thinking nothing is wrong. As for the government being behind the Occupy movement, if that's true then why have we had national security trucks monitor our every move. I suggest you read senate bill 1867 which we came out publicly about. Don't confuse Pittsburgh with New York, we are not the same.
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      Jan 13 2012: I hope you continue to hold out, it would be good propaganda to last thru the winter in an area that can claim historic ties to the valley forge stories of Americain Revolution, if you hold then in the spring I think the occupy DC event couild be huge.
      • Jan 13 2012: It has yet to go below 25 but I plan on staying all winter if the courts don't interfere.
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          Jan 13 2012: Occupy has a lot of details to work out I think but Its to be commended as a great begining. The fact that you all of you have done so much for so long is humbling to me. I am hoping to bring my six yearold son to DC to join in what I hope to be the pivitol events of the begining of the new century.

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