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More spaces for solitude at work, not just collaboration.

Why is it that as interior designers, all we hear about these days iscreating collaboration in the workplace? I know all about the benefits, but watch Jason's video. Clearly workers need longer stretches of solitude to create and think, to be more productive. Heck, I need it! While we've been busy designing these open spaces with low screens, all along our clients have been telling us that they need quiet spaces for concentration (not just a phone room). I seems old school, but, are we really doing them a favour by taking away personal privacy?


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  • Dec 31 2011: I would argue that, yes, it IS merely cheapness disguised as 'innovation'. On the other hand, I think it is job or industry dependant; I've worked in jobs where open space and common areas were far more productive than rigid, discrete spaces. I've also worked in jobs where we DID need closed off office spaces and privacy.
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      Jan 3 2012: Yes. Brokers and lawyers are not interested in sharing information with those around them.

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