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What would a year of positive living mean to you?

With all of of the challenges in the world at the moment and everywhere we look we are inundated with negative press, what would it mean to take a year of your life and only focus on the positive. I fully understand that ignoring suffering and wrong in the world is not responsible but how about a year of abstinence from tabloid journalism or watching reality TV Shows. How about focusing on what could be achieved in a year to change the direction of a life? What would your year look like?


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    Dec 28 2011: Hi Lee...long time no connect....great question:>)

    I year of positive living, would mean the same thing it did last year...the year before...and the year before that...etc.:>)
    I've often been accused of being a "Pollyanna"..."living in a fantasy world"..."not facing reality"...etc.

    I often ask...whose world? Whose reality? Why must I conform to other people's reality, when that is not what is in my heart and mind? Well, obviously, I don't! I know I can take in whatever information I choose to focus on at any given time. I like to be well informed and aware of all that is happening in our world, and I believe I am. I choose to focus on the good things that are happening...what we focus on expands. OH......did I say that before??? LOL:>)

    To focus on the good things that are happening our world, does not mean we need to "ignore" anything. We can be well informed, AND be aware of the good changes all around us...in my humble perception:>)

    You suggest a "year abstinence from tabloid journalism? How about a lifetime abstinence from that which is meant ONLY to sell crap!!!

    You suggest a year of abstinence from watching some TV shows? How about a lifetime choice to NOT watch those shows that do not, in some way positively feed us? I do watch some TV in the winter months...mostly public television...and in the summer months, the TV stays off for about 6 months. It's a choice. One only has to check the news on-line and further investigate those things that are meaningful....or not.

    To conclude, my year is probably always going to be focusing on those things that truly feed my heart and mind, so I guess I'll continue to live in a fantasy world..........or maybe.........my fantasy will become reality for more people?
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      Dec 28 2011: Hi Collen, I took a little sabbatical to try and work out what the hell I am supposed to be doing with my life:)
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        Dec 28 2011: And....you want to share your discovery? Or not...it's a choice:>)
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          Dec 28 2011: Well actually it's quite simple really. I think many people and definitely myself spend much of our lives looking to others for our success. Our spouses, friends, employers, government etc. In the end I had become castrated from my soul. No bodies fault just a slow process of trying to do the right thing instead of as Glen points out the true thing. In the last few months life has been quite good to me, I have a new job with a better income so that has taken care of many of my family concerns. Oddly enough it was after about three months of getting this job that I realised that the old voices had not gone away. You know: Is this it? Is there any more? I still want to be a writer. That sort of stuff. So the simple epiphany was, what if I dedicated a year of my life to me? My initial reaction was 'That's a bit selfish, what about my family?' Well I'm not off to trek to the North Pole for a year. It's simpler than that really. It's spiritual, it's cleaning up the to do list, it's submitting my manuscripts and it's living healthy and positively. I trust that in a year from now we can have this same conversation and I will have something to talk about. I would be happy to blog the progress and share what I am learning. That's it.
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        Dec 31 2011: Hi Lee,
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions and perspectives. I'm glad life has been "good to you", and my perception of life is that it is as good to us as we are to "it".

        It is possible to dedicate a year to the growth in your "self" while remaining within certain constructs, like family responsibilities. In my perception, the life we are living is always an opportunity for our own growth. It is not necessary to seperate those ideas. We can live healthy and positively within the life we have created for ourselves. In fact, in my opinion, that's what life is about all the time! Being in the moment and mindfully aware of everything and everyone around us is the most profitable self exploration we can have...in my humble opinion. Many people are searching for an outside resource to grow in his/her "self". Our everyday life experiences are filled with opportunity when/if we choose to notice:>) Share what you are learning with your "self" first and formost my friend, and you may discover a year of "positive living"....maybe even MORE than a year:>)
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        Dec 31 2011: BTW...Have you visited the site "What do you have to be grateful for today"? You might get some ideas:>)

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