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Has the world become a more fair and just place in the last few decades?

The wide sweep of democracy across continents alongwith the recent turn of events may possibly have led to a more equitable distribution of resources across populations.

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    Mar 7 2011: I believe it has, though ultimately there are unlawful actions taken place. A good example came to mind today of created markets perceived as business. When we look at something such as fruit water and vegan-ism being dependent on these natures in a society are what create imbalance.

    It becomes very possible for an owner thats in Hotels or Hasbro board games to become political, We always hope this is never the intent, but its becomes obvious when we look at educational perspectives and the use of reverse target markets. The jump in game purchases rise from specific cartoons being shown, when we look why they purchased the board game we can then concentrate the information though likely it doesn't have the same effect in the macro but potentially a greater one.

    Democracy is typically seen as a form of government to form real government. As we see kings often allow democracy to create new situations that will create new growth. As for places such as Egypt democracy was needed, though it was their own fault as the Pharaoh simply could have continued the idea of his ancestors in the nation. We are too stuck on historical creation rather then using the foundation to promote modern version of our construct. There is no one I know who wouldn't want to see the new Stainless steel, Gold and materials of today that create the sphinx of modern society. The harsh balance of American Democracy is we need people with something to lose while maintaining the fact that buying your way in to produce order and education that sell your products is acceptable from an extreme standpoint, such as niche market fruit water, but rather implement ideas that can be applied to several personal depictions and visions of life.
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    Mar 4 2011: "ay possibly have led to ." I would it did not happened as yet,

    but hope that world may move that way incre to adegree after Democrtas won 2008 elections in USA.

    will see in 2012 if that was just a fluctuation.
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    Mar 3 2011: fairness does not have to do anything with distribution of resources. actually it is quite the opposite. in a fair world, the effective and the successful gains access to more resources. equality requires confiscating. equality requires suppression of the talent.