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If we are what we eat, then what are you? I am a bowl of oats,fruit,some nuts,salad, chips,a natural fruit bar,beans and rice, avocado...

spinach,a natural desert and water throughout the day.

I sure do wish that nutrition was the foundation of wellness in this country. I truly believe that old cliche "you are what you eat" . Most of us tend to eat the same foods on a regular basis and occasionally we'll eat something different. Give us a snapshot of what you are made of by listing the foods you eat and also include the drinks that you drink.

  • Dec 27 2011: You are what you eat. But the funny thing is not only food you are eating... how about the thoughts that you are sharing, people you interact and socialize with..... They all are coming into your brain and EFFECT you..... I do not think we are all just flesh and blood.. There is something beyond this....Who am I? What is "SELF"?.. If you start to get some clues regarding these questions then the journey will start.
  • Dec 28 2011: Today, I am... coffee, spice cake, chicken meatballs, pasta, italian bread and butter.