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What’s your New Year's resolution for 2012? What was that for 2011? Have you made it? If not, what went wrong?

What’s your New Year's resolution for 2012?
What was that for 2011?
Have you made it?
If not, what went wrong?

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    Dec 28 2011: For 2011 it was "Keep trying to fulfill your 2007 resolution."
    For 2012 it will be, "Never mind 2007, instead try to fulfill your 2008 resolution."
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    Dec 28 2011: My resolution for 2011 was to work hard for my Master's degree and to plan ahead for 2012 by submitting Ph.D. applications. I made it, but the price I paid was that -- apart from six amazing weeks of summer school -- I did not have much free time or fun and I always felt pressure and expectations (mostly my own) as heavy weights on my shoulders.

    For 2012, I want to find the place / University / job where I will stay for the next few years, without looking for the next option, the better job -- without constantly being in search of something else.

    How about you?
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      Dec 28 2011: Hi Simone,
      You had a successful year and, best wishes for your 2012 resolution. I think very few are as hard working as you are.

      In 2011 I set a resolution to start up a successful career in HRM and I found it very difficult initially.
      It didn’t worked up to my expectation, but it started picking up since last October, now it’s on upward curve.

      This year my resolution is something deferent,
      I wish to dedicate each days of this year for each Scientists and Politicians who worked had to make our life more beautiful and safer. There are smart men and women, every where around the world who are still working for the well being of humanity
      I don’t know whom to start with from 1 to 365…

      What do you think about this? Is this a good resolution for 2012?
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    Dec 27 2011: I set my resolution not only for the New Year, but for the remaining days of my life.

    I have called it 'exponential growth'.

    That is, to improve every day in every way I can, and do it more and more efficiently to make most of each shortest moment of this short life we have.

    That's why I joined TED, to find people with my same interests. I have many ideas and little time, I need collaboration :)
  • Dec 27 2011: 2012 - Be more tactful with my way of speaking and directing opinions to others. I have a tendency to be very blunt and to the point which can put people off.

    2011 - did not have one