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If you did not have religion or never exposed to religion; how easy would it be for you to believe in a heaven and hell?

I will start by saying I was raised in a religious home; we attended church 3 times a week whether we wanted to or not. In my mid-30's I started to recognize subtle similarities to various world religions and the religion I grew up believing. This made me wonder...if not all religions teach of a "heaven" or "hell" as where one goes when one dies based on how the person lived on earth...would those who are not exposed to religion believe in a heaven and hell or something similar?


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    • Dec 31 2011: I do believe the Bible is a form of control but I want to make clear not in a harmful way but perhaps in a way that someone at some point thought would be the most "good" way for us to live. Really...are the Ten Commandments that bad to follow? If we think of it in a moral way, no I think the Ten Commandments are very moral and the way my morals tell me is a good way to live.

      Are the Ten Commandments easy to follow? I will say NO WAY! Unless you are on an island with no other human then yes, you have a chance. But the rest of us are no better than a snowball in hell. Not gonna happen. At some point in our lives whether intentional or not, we have broken one or more of the commandments.

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