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If you did not have religion or never exposed to religion; how easy would it be for you to believe in a heaven and hell?

I will start by saying I was raised in a religious home; we attended church 3 times a week whether we wanted to or not. In my mid-30's I started to recognize subtle similarities to various world religions and the religion I grew up believing. This made me wonder...if not all religions teach of a "heaven" or "hell" as where one goes when one dies based on how the person lived on earth...would those who are not exposed to religion believe in a heaven and hell or something similar?


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  • Dec 27 2011: Hello Christy,
    Wonderful, these opportunities to think! Good questions here. And doubting is not bad mind activity on a temporary basis. I prefer to consider heaven actually as continuing life, as there is only one life, but many stages. Its reasonable to think one will wake up in the next stage just exactly where we leave off here---spiritual growth, attitudes, divine concepts, character flaws, but minus a human body. It seems reasonable to assume continuing possibilities for growth in spirit qualities. Grow as much as we can NOW!

    If a person decides with finality to reject relationship with God, that is after multiple opportunities to accept and there is no remaining interest in Heaven, then at death the Judges of heaven may certainly determine there is no spiritual value remaining and the person is not resurrected. This is soul death and there is no resurrection from such a fate. There is no address anywhere of hell, which only is a concept between man's ears!

    There is enough evidence in the teachings of the many religions there truly is life and relationship with the Mystery One and this Jesus revealed a marvelous Father Personality God and also taught we are all his sons. (No gender is implied in Father or Son, as man is the name of our species.) Jesus modeled a loving Father who truly cares for each soul; we are truly valued.

    Each religion has provision for the afterlife. You are welcome to examine each religion; not one of them contains all truth. It is nice, really nice, confidently nice to contemplate the teaching that the Father God of all life sends a personal fragment of His spirit self to live within each of us. Imagine that!!!!! What comes from Paradise must eventually return to Paradise. Note this as a tremendous gift! If we accept, we will go to Paradise with this spirit fragment, sometime fused for eternity with this fragment! These fragments come without regard to sex.

    Nice topic you selected!
    • Dec 27 2011: Thank you for your reply!

      I find your writing very interesting. The way you express your thoughts is just lovely!

      Hell to me is something some people live on a daily basis...child abuse, rape, torture, false imprisonment, adult abuse, etc. So for me it is hard to believe that someone that was abuse to a point they cannot fathom a heaven or hell can not be held to the same rules of religion as someone that had a life free of abuse.

      I am happy that I stopped my very narrow view on religion and opened my eyes to other religions and learned more that I had every thought I would.

      Thank you again for your reply!
      • Dec 27 2011: To those persons who choose to open their minds and hearts will come great new insights and greater joy from new spiritual achievements. Therefore, help each other open our minds! A new insight for me one day came as a "bingo" moment: "Oh! We are help each other make it to Paradise." (the center of heaven, the Ultimate Heaven and the dwelling place of the Father of all life.)

        Progress is a major theme in Jesus' teachings. Otherwise, why would he bother to come and teach us advanced concepts? We are to help each other update and therefore the world shall someday become updated, rather profoundly! We don't need to wait on others for progress; we are able now to open ourselves to spiritual growth---now! Why wait for heaven at some future time or place?

        So glad for you! Pass on the best you have discovered! Have a religion or never had a religion---the point of Jesus' updates is to help each other with living love of his marvelous modeling! Embrace that and we help each other experience a living religion. His religion is not dogma, but living experience.

        Have a great life!
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          Jan 7 2012: Mark, agree in part with "'To those persons who choose to open their minds and hearts will come great new insights and greater joy from new spiritual achievements"

          If we open our minds and hearts we'll all end up in different places depending on what resonates with use and depending on the society we live in and experiences we've had. Perhaps, even our IQ, thirst for knowledge or education levels are factors in where we'll end up Where we live and when we live are the biggest factors.

          Go back a 3000 years and your God was limited to say a million Jews. Even today with Christianity a global religion, easy access to the bible etc, most people chose other religions or no religion. Even people who grow up in nations with a strong Christian heritage, who believe in a god shaped by this environment have completely different beliefs in regards to god, heaven hell, the literal truth of the bible etc.

          Its wonderful we are exposed to so many different religious/spiritual beliefs, science etc today and have the freedom and options to explore these and come to our own conclusions in some countries at least. I'm grateful for that. To be alive now, in a relatively secular democracy where people are free to follow any path within limits. Free from the fear of damnation to chose to live as I feel is right.

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