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If you did not have religion or never exposed to religion; how easy would it be for you to believe in a heaven and hell?

I will start by saying I was raised in a religious home; we attended church 3 times a week whether we wanted to or not. In my mid-30's I started to recognize subtle similarities to various world religions and the religion I grew up believing. This made me wonder...if not all religions teach of a "heaven" or "hell" as where one goes when one dies based on how the person lived on earth...would those who are not exposed to religion believe in a heaven and hell or something similar?


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    Dec 27 2011: Christy, I count three questions you have asked:
    1) How easy to believe in heaven/hell?
    2) How do we know heaven/hell exists?
    3) What if heaven/hell are control devices?
    For debate purposes can you cosolidate those into one? Thanks for your contribution.
    • Dec 27 2011: Thank you for your reply.

      I cannot consolidate to one question. If you wish, you are welcome to pick one and comment.

      If not..that is okay too.

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