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The end of the world..........and if there is life after death.

Many people are concerned if the world will ever have an end........... and especially from a religious perspective the end of the world is pretty normal to happen soon..........but what said us science? Should we link the existence of UFO(if it is existing) with the end of the world ? The climate change and the environmental problems should make us to think at it? And if you think that the end will come , when do you think will happen it? Should we link the nuclear weapons with it? What are the possible scenarious for happening it?
But surely everyone of us in a day will die (then will be the end of the world for each of us in our own) and what do you think that follow after death? or you think that then will really be the end forever.
What do you think ?


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    May 3 2011: There is no end however it is probable that mankind, through ignorance, could bring an end to a large population on Earth and many life forms. Our selfishness could see it through.

    With regards to 2012, the date is actually 2013 December 21, of which marks a new beginning in Earth's and mankind dimension. it involves galactic position that started around 1993 already. We moving from a 4th dimension to a 5th. The 5th dimension involves both physical and spiritual improvement for all. It is a fact that we all going through a time of discernment, sifting out what is conducive from what is not. Some call it a judgement. This period has come to many in the past.

    About 5735 years ago mankind had a new beginning after a time when the world destroyed itself in ignorance. Their were great civilizations that existed before Adam-man. The initial builders of the pyramids, the Indus valley, Sumeria, Ancient Greece (not the later settlers), the Puma Punka area and the Machu Pichu area were all civilizations that lived around 17000years ago. The were new settlers that existed again around 3000yrs ago at these now unearthed sites. Anyway the point is that if we continue to be this technologically powerful (as that ancient civilization 1700yrs ago was) then we too will bring our end.

    As for ufo's bringing our end, NO! in fact although their are malevolent Human aliens, their are more benevolent Human aliens who have shared their wisdom on peace an harmony. The Andromedans, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, The Ummites, and many more that belong to a galactic federation and is guarding our planet. They have been doing this for thousands of years and more so now because we destroy our environment and each other. They claim that they do not intervene in our global disputes but will if we destroy the environment any further because it threatens all life forms and innocent people.

    As for life after death.
    Death in this world is merely a beginning of life hereafter.
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      May 4 2011: interesting conception

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