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The end of the world..........and if there is life after death.

Many people are concerned if the world will ever have an end........... and especially from a religious perspective the end of the world is pretty normal to happen soon..........but what said us science? Should we link the existence of UFO(if it is existing) with the end of the world ? The climate change and the environmental problems should make us to think at it? And if you think that the end will come , when do you think will happen it? Should we link the nuclear weapons with it? What are the possible scenarious for happening it?
But surely everyone of us in a day will die (then will be the end of the world for each of us in our own) and what do you think that follow after death? or you think that then will really be the end forever.
What do you think ?


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    Mar 7 2011: I suppose the worse aspect we can create is believing it has that kind of ending. This issue right now is the move forward non-uniformity the largest scare I believe in the public isn't death but meaningless creation. This isn't one that can be or used as penalty, but becomes penalty as the slight variations are never re-uniformly presented, and uniformity is used to create predictably and harsh circumstance later on. It is an implementation that it is produced to allow for evolving transition to produce dynamic and consequential lifestyle within the current forms of ones country and possible the world. It is possible that all being created today , creates the dynamic but ultimately we will have set forms of poverty behind us and simply remember through education as it becomes too selfish and disturbing to oneself to believe the balance is in a mass low end .

    I believe if we allow this to continue the end of earth really becomes the media cartoon idiocracy, a post Armageddon. media based lifestyle, Well Depicted in the Film A.I. as well as some of the others. The way you actually have stated the comment you kind of believe we are set to have so many people not care and get angry they will launch nuclear weapons until there is nothing left. The issue is , we obviously care, and that can only be someone in Russia's hope or likely a low lying member in America. The issue as always becomes we aren't doing enough to support business while pretending we are. I do know the feeling of wanting to wake up America and sometime show them their meaningless worth they have self created through generations of simply not abiding to any of the natural standards we have created in America or around the World. Though in the end the answer always becomes support one another for what they really want to do or have done. If your answer is to just kill you can not register as a leader, unless its population control. In which case you still have support business and industry.
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      Mar 8 2011: I agree but we should be however very carefully about it.

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